Shock the world, if you ask me you should drop ya girl at my crib
and watch me get in her ribs, speak off topic drop it like you drops the world/
niggaz better RECONGNIZE and stop the nick picking and spit wisdom,
or leave the discussion with a double bruised lung/
so young so cold so sick so nice so furious leaving you broken down
closing down shops by how I drop them flows back like the bottle of Ciroc/
blown backs shown packs master facts in racks we taking you dirt naps
scapegoats are good clones but this ain't no mofo'n card game/
I plague the wager with toxins rocking like Moroccans as we approximate
while those I know spherically operate and taxidermy you nervous folks/
know my mind isn't all closed off, shread mines in a blender in due time
crew grind few spinal taps master blaster after facts flask in caps/
jagged edges leave ya deaded watch me measure the baking
watch, look while you waiting now niggaz is cooking from raps/
speak ya flaps you'll be boon docking clock
rocking think you's a flavor of the month/
don't need to type it fast, write it fast, rhyme it fast
master after class classical past cha physical I think you got a tumor/
give the shame to anything lies beneath the seas
weave and box out cha clowns knowing I'm a make it/
fake out cha live cats my next to rep tapes be edging out cha clicks
with more seekers than anything produced in the heat of the moment/

shock the world, drop ya pearls
drop the edge, shock the world
ride the wave, gain a fave, shock the world
beat cha opponents, defeat cha foes, shock the world