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Thread: Curtis Mayfield

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    i won't go against the flow and will say Superfly
    also the homonymous song off the ost is my fav track, it always gives me goosebumps

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    even eminem was inspired by curtis mayfield just look at pusherman and im shady

    i'm your mamma, i'm your daddy
    i'm that nigga in the alley
    i'm your doctor, when in need
    want some coke, have some weed
    you know me, i'm your friend
    your man boy, thick and thin
    i'm your pusherman
    i'm your pusherman

    I got mushrooms, I got acid, I got tabs and aspirin tablets
    I'm your brother when you need, some good weed to set you free
    You know me, I'm your friend, when you need a minithin
    (I'm Slim Shady..) I'm Shady!!

    as for my favorite CM song i havent really listened 2 enough of his material. just superfly album and move on up song but my favorite song from him so far is move on up


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