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Thread: Hey guys, what can I eat to gain muscles??

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    Stretch 1st for at least 15 minutes! 200 plus push ups a day if you cant every day, dont worry at least do some. 300 - 400 squats a day, same as before if you cant. 45 minutes on a bike or running. Various dumbell curl positions such as regular curl, hammer curl, etc. start the weight at what you can do and move up as you see what you can handle. Bench press as much as you can doind 3 reps or sets. Get a pull up bar and do what you can. Their are many work out routines online, i dont feel like explaining all i used to do. That is just an example of what i used to do. Try to push yourself as much as you can turn into a raving lunatic and remember to yell loud! Just a reminder again it doesnt have to be everyday. At least try to make it that as much as possible. Also make sure to play your favorite music loud! About eating, well now i dont eat meat, back then, i used to eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast. 3 servings of chicken for lunch, and a full balanced dinner with whatever meat except pork, vegetables and a starch. Eat a little extra too during youre meals.
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