I don't understand why so many black women are evil. I have met lots of mean black women and i don't know why they act like that. I know a lot of black men have hurt them but they need to stop taking their frustration out on every black man they meet because every black man isn't the same. If black women continue to behave the way they do, they're gonna miss out on some good black men and i really think they don't give a fuck if they don't get a good black man LOL. I've met a few good black women that i've dated but i've met more bad ones than good ones. I want a black woman because i love them and so many of them are hot but they've gotta change their ways and they refuse to do that. If they want black men to stop calling them bitches, hoes, golddiggers, they need to change. I was thinking about dating white women because when i speak to them, they speak but i would prefer a black woman because most white women can't relate to black men like black women can.