Hiroshima bomb threats I spit like a tec

Cock and balls like a Vietnam vet

The son of god bent on the 2nd coming

Or was it the liquor that made me vomit

The prophet gave niggas a promise, dear summer

Give my street niggas mad sunshine

I thought about how we lost time

So I gave my mind over 2 white lines and made widows outta wives

Palestine divine

Bustin shots off like saddams offspring

Fire fights in the spring

Redeeming myself like “Yo god that aint divine, chill”

But I dreamt the true mysteries of Christ on a 5 dollar bill

That was supposed to manifest itself

A native son in possession of wealth

Like nat turner with knowledge of burners

I cheated death and took the devils wealth

Movin stealth like in timbs

I let off at niggas limbs from unknown distances

Guerilla rebels in crosshairs givin green berets fits n shit

Egyptian penmanship and urban warfare

Sinkin shit from the port side of ships

Clips is on some tomahawk cruiser shit

Worse than the shit crips come equipped with

Sicker than militans on the gaza strip

I spit with the speed of mini gun ballistics

The physical incarnate of Apollo on some intricate shit

Im smackin shit cause niggas still gave time to comprehend the hypothesis

Choking these niggas with the strength of a rhinoceraus

Put a hammer to a niggas esophagus

The only nigga to stand toe 2 toe with bruce lee

And match speeds blow fa blow

I did that shit blitzed off pure snow

And proved with every move im fuckin phenomenal

The physical manifestation of the most abominable

Put a glocc to a niggas abdominal and make em spit 16 bars in Hebrew

The mechanical Israelite givin 12 niggas fits in fist fights like I was fluent in jeet kun do

While im playin Russian roulette with 2 tecs

Sippin moet and rememberin when aaliyah lost her life in that lear jet

I guess that’s life including all the hype

This is rappers delight on the mic

Niggas succoomb like I was airborne sickness invading African villages

Or havin shootouts with pilgrims durin Islamic pilgrimages

Copernicus cloned

I threatened GOD to make the third world war postponed

Imagine that

In EDEN propositioning Christ with a gat

Pulled out twin hammers and greeted black with a 4 pound to his nut sack

In hockey that’s illegal contact

I shatter the ribs of niggas who bring wack raps to combat

Im worse than anthrax over suburban areas of Hackensack

Runnin through niggas like halfbacks off a screen black