Just copped this ill game. U gotta love it tho, if y'r realy into the DB series, this game is awesome.

New things you can do with this is fee flight, very nice, you can fly everywhere but beware cause y'r oponent is still on y'r tail tho and suddenly he'll pop out of nowhere and smash y'r ass through some mountains HAHA very cool feature

Also now you can pound y'r oponent into the water and chase him there and continue y'r fight under water etc....

You can trash nearly everything in the great 3D environment,wich is definitly a possitive feature aswell.

The only bad thing is....the gameplay, it's so different from the previous Budokaļ games, it's very complicated, VERY, you'll need much practice if you wanna make it a good game.
But then again,there's 50 DB-trilogy characters now and that's dope as hell, ofcourse I haven't unlocked SHIT cause I just ahve it from this morning....

Anyway, anyone copped it yet? Played it yet? Drop some feedz