Lord let e'm have it.........
Lord let e'm have it.............
Lord let e'm have it..............

Back in the graveyard shifting morning hours
waking up dusting off what cha thought cha polished off /
dem those the days advert garde magna carta trying barter water
back to fire at foxes trying to test my chrome when it sings at octives like Opera/
if u try n testing desolate retribute execute plans, schemes and scams
got cha option to buy trying try out leave you lying dead in ya heavyweight bout/
time toxins off the moxy i'm rocking like rocky balboa
give e'm the cold shoulder break e'm down to the gravel pit/
average shit leave ya with average spits
if ya riffing then you ain't even arguing properly/
gimme compeling statement trying debate it give you more and's and um's
than a coverstation with a girl ya hardly know/
grizzy grind drop minds off the cliff
trying to piff when i smoked they clips/
triple up and double down trouble crowns
probbing you probbies trying to knows me
closing statements i'm focused on your guilty verdict
trying advert this derp when you serve plates i weight out like cakes/

Lord let e'm have it...............
Lord let e'm have it..................
Lord let e'm have it....................

it's true in deed, you ain't what i can be, i am beast
feed the troll i aim for what cha didn't already know, and achieve the goal/
any claims to the throne, aim for the dome, assume the position
spit wisdom freeze leave them linen living in hell seen that, saw that/
face the facts trace the tracks, i have 99 flows and your ain't one
cold as the sun that doesn't rise, trying guise the fly
now you see your demise in how high you get, gotten down trodden/
i am the bin those laden in words you try and comprehend
dominate opperate in cells thats celluar in cells that dwell/
shine shilling built in bomb backs watch this tom foolery
countdown clocks are for hack jobs and morons/
jokes on you i'm cold as ashes bask in your own story
trying to tell me something i'm stimey by how grimmy it can get/
shovel bet you begin boring me with cha no having slang
bank out cha tanks,say just one word and i'll curb your enthuesaism/

Lord let e'm have it.............
Lord let e'm have it............
Lord let e'm have it............