Back in black, blast a mack,try pitching no pinch hitting how you switch frames
mecha don etch a palm just check them flame throwers like Godzilla arms/
its gnarly dude pray to rude get cha crew kicked from food dishes
spit wishes flipped bars watch them shits stack like pancakes/
mastering facts artifact artichoke what a bloke, blackout
didn't cha know all bad guys can rule the world from the bed room without an S curl/
address the best armed matriculation checking nation face wasting
plastic surgery bury emcees with short jabs up the cab like a stiff uppercut/
NoDoz Iím a corduroy invite back the barbs mind wards check protection you worthy
get cha bevis in those butt-heads you slut feeds my mutts lay in bushes waiting to strike/ bust flows musket shots domes crop dust ain't wonder-lick test ya gotta past
its the unseen hand with the unseen plan, with the unseen scam, lone star in hand/
strapped off the ion wraps map a star or too, trying mhor's laqw
liquidate everything in sight fire fight til you see the whites of there eyes/
spies in mind, chuck those intersect ties cut cha lefty, know my right is a bit spiteful
now you right bro, I hike those one two, one two thinking you can just come through/
off the snide chrome children boss building off hieghts you can brighten up ya nights
shady maybe trying piss off the dutch with a royal crush in what cha can't clutch/
wrap around cha equinox baron sea paradox armed patron sink my teeth in this nation
play me get hit with a technical foul, trying to proceed
\with bad conduct get's ya dumb luck/
know the glass eye spies wise fire flies order those phoenix
trying to redeem it like a J.K. Rowling novel, trying asking me for another Carvel/
dumb stunts get barbells you numbskulls get punked well
testing the confidence isn't swagger its vigor you cannot eagerly dismiss/
you can eat the earth and i'll give you the dirt leave you squashed
six feet under sole flow open noses get minds broken down to just imbalances/
trying take out my palaces be how we conquer, diss this honor
get cha pawned quicker than an addict trying to get his fix, this is magic/

the city is killing me, back in the morning hate cha scorning
now we spoiling armed up touring headaches
asking why we debate cha, this is harsh
and we're living like kings acting like beasts
I said we're living like kings acting like beasts
thinking we have the right to feast
with no fear of the consquences