Two weeks ago Dom Pachino came through to have a full breakdown of “The Last Armageddon” project, which drops today 15th November, 2011. As most of you will already know by now, Dom P announced this to be his final solo album. To symbolize it wrapping up his solo career, he even made it a double album. As the subtitle says: “The Alpha and Omega” , the album consists of his first album (as a re-release) plus his final one.

Since “Fear, Love and War” (2001) dropped, Dom P held the militant flag way up high and has put out numerous projects, be it solo or as a crew (Team Napalm). With his retirement announcement in mind, we sat down some more with PR Terrorist to ask why he decided this would be his final album, how he looks back at the past ten years and what he feels the future has in mind for him now he puts his solo career aside. So if you have always been down with Dom Pachino, go check and support “The Last Armageddon”, project and blast it through your speakers, while reading the following interview , enjoy !

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