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Thread: anyone here listen to slam poetry?

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    Default anyone here listen to slam poetry?

    havent really seen a thread on it and was wondering if anyone listen to the likes o Amir Sulaiman, Ursula Rucker or Black Ice or anyone of that nature
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    ^ think i made a thread on saul before does he still record?

    know black ice and amir both came out with albums

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    amir sulaiman danger is dope

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    theres another guy shihan (spelling?) thats nice too

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    I remember watching Def Poetry Jam years ago. I like the dude Kayo. You can find it on youtube. It might be Def Jam Poetry. Black Ice was on there too
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    man a couple of them guys debut on def jam but they never went on to record albums i think ursula rucker made her debut on showtime at the apollo years ago.

    the only cats i know of that made albums were Black Ice and Amir Sulamian the latter seem more like a rap album seeing that it had appearances from Mos Def and i think Black Thought

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