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Thread: Illusory protection

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    Default Illusory protection

    does gza is talkin about Fifty and g unot in his first verse ?

    This rap cat was all in the street without his armor
    A homicidal attempt, that had failed
    He flew off the roof, on the fence, got impaled
    He talked a good one, but it was make believe
    Much too low, for the human ear to perceive
    He confused science fiction with science facts
    He couldn't separate the block, from the recorded tracks : the fact that 50 makes only beef with other rappers...

    Need a rhyme or the tactic, gotta work your magic
    Detailed and graphic, but the outcome is tragic
    Something built to a complex network
    With a panoramic vision, designed by experts
    I be the ice breaker, for you unskilled skaters
    I increase the heat significantly, just on paper

    (i love his last line)

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    Default Re: Illusory protection

    Dude, no. He's talking about any rapper that thinks he's really gangsta because he makes rhymes.

    He couldn't separate the block, from the recorded tracks : the fact that 50 makes only beef with other rappers...

    This just doesn't logically work. Not seperating the two would imply that he puts them TOGETHER, not isolates them. Said rapper is probably only tough on music, but carries tht attitude onto the street. No beef here. It probably DOES apply to 50, but it applies to a lot of other rappers as well.
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    Default Re: Illusory protection

    Thx man ! i'm not american so i don't understand this way but nevermind


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