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Thread: Lecture on Shakespeare and Hip-Hop (Wu Tang heavily mentioned)

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    Default Lecture on Shakespeare and Hip-Hop (Wu Tang heavily mentioned)

    I wasn't sure if I should put this in the Hip-Hop section or the Wu Tang Chamber.

    Akala is a rapper from the London. Here he gives a short lecture on Shakespeare and Hip-Hop, our often false preconceptions of them and the similarities between them.

    He also mentions Wu Tang Clan quite a bit at the beginning and again later.

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    Next lecture: Influence of Nietzschean concept of will to power on 50 Cent's lyrical topics and motives.
    "The Devil is not the Prince of Matter; the Devil is the arrogance of the spirit, faith without smile, truth that is never seized by doubt. The Devil is grim because he knows where he is going, and, in moving, he always returns whence he came."

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    reminds me of the book Book of Rhymes: The Poetics of Hip Hop, which is the best at combining hip hop lyricism with literature. but this guy is pretty cool. haven't heard his music though

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    One of the illest to ever come out of UK hip-hop.

    Sorry kids let me apologize before I go further
    Unfortunately I donít rap about how many man I have murdered
    And you may find it boring appalling and I ainít scoring braps
    From your little rat packs for just stating facts
    See I lack not the ability to murder man lyrically
    I just thought that killing should not be glorified, silly me
    Apparently murdering man has become an aspiration
    But what would happen if you reversed the situation?
    Every black rapper claiming he clap a black in the face, talked about killing white people as much, would he still get embraced?
    Or would you find the applauding would quickly turn to appalling and you got no career here by the next morning
    I ainít saying you should do that, it is true that would be just as dumb
    I am just pointing out how absurd it has become
    If a Chinese rapper were to say die ĎChinkí die
    Everybody would be like ĎWhat is wrong with this guy?í

    But some of us have become so accustomed to just behave disgusting
    We think itís just our behaviour and it ainít worth discussion
    Or worse yet that it is cultural expression
    But who owns Baretta and who owns Smith and Wesson?
    Who owns the car youíre driving that you thinkís defining who you are
    Running from yourself youíll find there is no hiding
    So you can boast about your Prada and your Christian Dior
    Still security will follow you when youíre in the store
    And you can boast about your platinum chains and your diamond rings
    While kids in Sierra Leone keep on losing limbs
    Act like you got no brain and you ainít got no shame and say so what I am getting dough
    But youíre pawns in a game
    They are laughing at the little coons
    Who really think they are goons
    Real goons donít wear platinum chains they wear ties and suits
    They donít live in estates and sell flake
    They invade with guns and tanks and take your whole state mate
    So pardon me if I donít find it funny
    You boast about it but do you even know what is money?

    See itís hard to act dumb when you have read a couple hundred books
    But still in anybodyís hood so tell me who is shook?
    When you have been to Brazil and stood in favela streets next to kids holding hand grenades and M16s when you come back to London it ainít serious
    The ghetto is in our heads
    We are delirious
    If you lived in a real slum without food or running water
    Where police drive by and kill sons and daughters
    You would give your right arm just to go to school
    Instead what do we do?
    The killer the trigger the play the fool

    I ainít saying school is the answer, educate yourself
    See itís not the money you make, you are the wealth

    I ainít saying we ainít got a struggle right here in Britain
    But youíre taught to act inferior and play position perfectly
    Itís disturbing me, the verbal murder be absurd to me
    It occurred to me if you have not heard of me
    Itís probably because I do not rap about Gucci and booty
    Quite enough for the urban scene to fully salute me
    But I donít really care, Iím too busy writing my master thesis
    Itís hard to play the stereotype when you study Egypt
    Plus urban scene weíre racist to ourselves
    Elevating words of hate weíre merely hating ourselves
    And if you are musically broad or dare to speak intelligent
    People look at you like who the hell you think you are better than
    Iím better than no-one on this earth and I know Iím not
    But I refuse to play small just to fit in your box

    And I donít hate none of these other rappers
    In fact itís quite the other
    Look at me as your bigger wiser older brother
    And as a brother should I tell you youíre in trouble
    If they clap when youíre talking of killing do they really love you?
    If record label bosses kids were dying, would they sell us violence
    As quickly as they are ready to desensitise us?
    They tell you to shit on your floor while holding all the scoops
    Then throw you a bone like a dog jumping through a hoop
    Donít take it as a compliment because it is not that
    If I tell you that youíre African you tell me itís not that
    But humanity is African even if not black
    The truth can be painful
    Sshhh better stop that
    Itís so inconvenient
    For those at the top that you talk too much truth and you might just get popped at

    And if women are such hoes that we do not want to kiss them
    What does it say about us that we want to put our dick in?
    Iím done with the lies third eye open wide I see the tougher that you act the weaker you really feel inside
    So all the killer the trigger and when we call ourselves niggas
    And want platinum chains bigger than jiggaís
    Itís just to run from the fact that we feel insecure
    Get as many things as you want but you cannot restore
    The core of who you are truly that will surpass beauty
    That comes from knowledge of yourself and a sense of duty
    So all my brothers pretending that we are thugs
    Know if we are honest we just want to be loved

    But we feel that we are not worthy and that we are not smart
    So we act aggressive to protect our fragile little hearts
    But weíve got to deal with this pain or it will consume
    Thatís enough honesty now lets resumeÖ

    Turn this off go back to rappers that tell you kill
    But inside of yourself you know that this is real
    Akala on sbtv DOUBLETHINK May 3rd check the CD
    If you want a little knowledge bigger than college
    I PROMISE YOU the metaphorics that will offer you solace likeÖ

    The Great Pyramid alone 2.3 million stones
    If you took them apart and placed them in a row
    They would stretch 2/3 way around the earth
    That is more stone that there is in every single British church (put together)
    Each one cut to a degree of accuracy of 1/1000 of an inch
    Well what does that mean?
    In 1978 the Japanese ran an experiment to rebuild them with modern technology and failed terribly

    But anyway thatís enough for today.

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    Thanks for the post. I watched the video and enjoyed a bit but lost interest cause it felt a lil too academic but I really enjoyed the lyrics you posted and loved all the Wu references. This guy has a great brain and talent...just gotta do something about that accent

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    NOTE TO MOD: Please move to a different part of the forum

    Here's his new F64. It's probably the best rap story i've heard come out in years.

    Michael was another that lived without the love of a mother nor the other
    Not the story of a brother not using a rubber
    Father was a militant Rasta back in the early 80′s
    Licked banks built hood schools so you could learn your babies
    Of course poser
    Jag with the chauffeur
    Also sent paper to the rebel fighters in Angola
    Cos back then the OGís understood the mission of the system for planting division in the hood
    Real real soldiers
    Spirit hustle may be part of living
    If you did it never spat it in your lyric
    They was training raising bars martial arts kicking a teddy boys ass taking a scholarly class
    Mind sharp

    Inspired by the Marleys and Arleys and Panther partyís
    Saw the road as a means to an end for real shit they starting
    The movement got devoured
    You know the system cowards
    That Rejected anything thats a threat to the power
    Locked up the militants labeled them schizophrenic
    Liquid cosh their necks so they could never defend it
    The rest
    Never been soldiers
    Look how they folded
    Soon as the moneys involved with
    Crack hit in í86
    Lit a spliff with boulders
    Michaelís father was a last of a dying breed
    Coulda Been the leader that we need but we didnít heed
    With the entrepeneur mind like SB
    Our Potential will blossom if it just left be
    But Pigs killed him
    Not the first wonít be the last
    But he made the news the day the trials starts
    What a farce tryna charge police even with the footage showing them over his dead body laughing they got released
    Thatís when Michael's mother lost it
    he was just a toddler
    Sent to live with grandmother too sick to raise him proper
    By the time granny died mum was an alchoholic
    And touched the crack too but never recovered from it
    So care homes for Michael
    Where he kept getting neglected
    What becomes of the little boy who gets molested
    How does he admit it
    And tell the world about his deathwish
    Its easier to play hard and just get arrested

    Did I mention a genius with maths and science
    And finally heís got a teacher that is really trying
    Jane Taylor
    Half Irish half from Grenada took this little boy & showed him love and saw what he was made of
    But the years out and primary school is over now heís losing his mother figure again so heís turning colder
    Cos secondary is never steady deadly for many
    Frightened by the height and the fightin ever ready to expell em or dispell em
    Whatevers in their melon
    And of course other youts wanna shank em and shell em selling or not
    Every other day your getting searched
    When it first happened to Michael
    You know his pride was hurt
    But their were many many
    Felt a violation of his fathers memory
    Every time he stood their pockets getting emptied
    But all they found was Algebraic equations that he was blazing
    He Kept his love for the knowledge dispite his teachers hating
    But when your school dinners free
    And you can see
    Socks bursting out of your shoes
    What will it be?
    When your elders say pick up this Q make P

    It aint rocket science your a smart kid your aiming for a key
    Watch how many doors and more legs it opens
    Promoting the key to ya never tell you about the doors it closes
    But Michael new the cycle and what it might do
    He seen enough crashes but he jumped on the bike too
    Cos love from the olders made his shoulders feel bigger than boulders
    And most of the things that we do we just wanna be noticed
    So he hustled harder
    Leader like his father
    He aint a schoolboy no more heís deep in the drama
    Youngest in the click
    Quickest with a brick
    Sickest with the stick
    Stuck up grown men
    Rep getting big
    down in Bond Street shopping
    Should of been in Year 11
    Living like a spoilt rich kid
    But even more depressing
    Where the trigger pressing take you quickly where your destined
    And quickly you learn thatís its sick and just how quick ya bredrins snake ya
    For paper and he was no safer
    Than any other thug with a stick might make ya
    Touch 21 and he seen enough paper
    And enough death to take ya breath to your maker
    Was never that mean couldnít be seen
    Dealing with pregnant fiends
    His boy told him the games that dirty
    Maybe you should leave?
    Plus he got a queen and she aint on the hype
    Aint impressed by the bullshit
    Coulda been the wife
    But when Mike got shift again sent for another bird
    Stacey said thatís the end and woulda kept her word
    But her belly started bulging
    She took the V.O and told him
    Its still over I aint raising my yout on the road ting
    But Michael insisted and listed reasons why its different
    He grew up without a dad and swore that his yout would be different
    Stacey looked into his eyes and saw that he meant business
    Kissed him and told him she missed but play your positon
    She got visions of them living when he was out of prison
    He gave his lines to his boys made it an early Christmas
    The babys born he named him after his pops
    But he aint seen him yet didnít wanna meet him in the box
    So all they got is pictures
    Feeling complete without the riches
    Having all a man really needs a baby and a missus

    Two weeks from his release with the picture in his hand
    Another inmate ran up on him with the shank
    Tried to buss his throat
    Quick reflex
    Micheal raised his arm just about managed to protect his neck
    They fought and wrestled
    He looked into his eyes
    And to his surprise
    He finally managed to recognise
    Little P
    He used to take his paper away
    He swore that he was such a dickhead that he did it bareface
    If you learn nothing learn any dickhead can kill
    And everybody bleeds aint nobody made of steel
    Little P stuck the shank in
    Tore apart micheals flesh
    Michael pissed and shit on himself and took a breath
    His last
    Choked to death on his own blood
    Never went out like scarface
    Know one ever does... in the real world
    One bag a mandem doing life
    Wasting away wanking and worried about their wife
    Whoís bending her over and giving her the pipe
    I donít care who you are 30 years is a bloody long time

    In the real world
    We have dreams and feelings
    When they get crushed thatís when we turn into aggresive demons
    Never been saying I donít get the aggression
    But lets not pretend that weíre rebelling
    By selling what we are selling and shelling a brothers melon
    And kicking eachothers head in that is what we are defending
    In the real world we donít run the road
    They run the road
    The same people you pay Tax to shit is cold
    You think they wonít shot food and make law
    This aint nutten new look up the Opium wars
    Spiteful spiral inner city cycle
    Deliberately designed to
    The question is now
    Whoís gonna raise Michael
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    Heard some stuff from this dude a few years ago, does anyone remember Ms Dynamite? They're bro and sis

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