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Thread: LOL, lets see canibus fans justify this one

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    Here's VIBE magazine's take on the Canibus situation. It may not have done anything substantial for his rap career specifically but it is good mainstream exposure.


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    Really nigga? Canibus nigga? How the fuck is it J. Cole's responsibility to do a song with this man, just cuz he gave the nigga a complement. I feel like if Canibus wants to connect then he needs to take the complement as the green light to do so or shut the fuck up then. Think about it - if the nigga focused all his dickhead energy on trying to link up with Cole and dropped a track it would have been a much better career move. And this is giving his bitchmade excuse the benefit of the doubt. SMH at people approving of this bitchmade move as well - niggaz sayin we should all be happy hes willing to disgrace himself like a hoe to be in the spotlight, it works to an extent and damages in the long run, think about it.
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    why would canibus fans hate to justify ANYTHING bus does ? things he does and decides to do doesnt take away the fact that he is one of the best MCs in the game to date.

    he could come out and say he is gay - dude would still be in my top 10

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