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Thread: Bedlam Bretheren Presents: The Assassinís Touch

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    Default Bedlam Bretheren Presents: The Assassinís Touch

    This album is sick. He sounds a little like Holocaust. Dope beats and a couple of decent features.

    01.Assassinís Touch
    02.Catch Me f/ Bronze Nazareth & Timbo King
    04.Ironwing f/ Holocaust & Arcane
    05.Moonlight Catastrophe
    06.Purgatory Article
    07.Soul Reaver f/ Bronze Nazareth & White Lotus
    08.Erratic Assassin Freestyle
    09.Aires Scrolls f/ Sleep Sinatra
    10.Pick Your Vice f/ Pack FM, DZK, Labba, & Stack-A-Dolla
    11.Brain Stems f/ Holocaust & White Lotus
    12.Black Heroin f/ Kevlaar 7, A Man Called Relik, & Iron Braydz
    13.Militant Blade f/ Willy Cold & White Lotus
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    this shit is SERIOUS, give it a listen

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    Thanks for listening. Silencer, would you be interested in writing a review for The Assassin's Touch?

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    dope shit, production and features tooo ill. and black heroin is sum of my top shit, been blazin that for awhile now haha shout out to central intelligence1 and wisemen. peace. keep bringing the truth

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    just finished listening to the sampler, downloadin the album now. looking forward 2 it

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