This is a sampler for my mix-tape. Some of you have asked for one and I will get them shipped either today or tomorrow. If anyone else wants one, let me know, just give me your address to send to. Its free no money is needed, just your address.

Here is the you send it link...

The tracklisting of this sampler is as follows:

  1. The Delfonics Intro
  2. Eshek Out the Cage
  3. Bladed Fingers Wander
  4. Paid in Jewels (Knowledge)
  5. Journey of Self Elucidation (EXCLUSIVE) (Produced by Sphinxz for Tao Te King Productions)
  6. It's Iron
  7. So Easily Forgotten
  8. Blood Runs Cold
  9. Iron Fingaz of Death
  10. Bloody Duel of Death
  11. Tears of the Wicked Slain (EXCLUSIVE) (Produced by Iron Fingaz for Scriptures of Malachi Music)
  12. 26 Shadowing Blades
  13. Eternal Celebration
  14. Malachi's Scripture
  15. Ballad of Sprinkled Rose Petals
  16. Tree of Knowledge (EXCLUSIVE) (Produced by Kevlaar 7 for Black Day in July Productions)
  17. Inscriptions of Man (EXCLUSIVE) (Produced by Sphinxz for Tao Te King Productions)
  18. Lifetime Achievement (Dedication)