OTTAWA — Disgraced Catholic bishop Raymond Lahey is interested in sado-masochistic sex and addicted to Internet pornography but isn’t a pedophile, a forensic psychiatrist testified Monday.

Lahey, 71, has a homosexual interest in adolescent males and young men but presents virtually no risk of committing a hands on sexual offence, said Dr. John Bradford. However, the doctor acknowledged there was no way of determining his risk to commit a future child pornography offence.

A pedophile is someone who has sexual urges and fantasies about children under the age of 13 for at least six months.

“You can never be absolutely sure someone is not a pedophile, but on the basis of the material I reviewed I believe he is not a pedophile,” said Bradford, head of forensic psychiatry at the University of Ottawa and recently retired as associate chief of forensics at the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre.

“Even if he was a hands on perpetrator, he is at an age where the risk of recidivism is very low,” said Bradford.

Bradford was testifying during the sentencing hearing for Lahey, who pleaded guilty in May to possession of child pornography. Lahey was arrested at the Ottawa airport in September 2009 after border agents discovered the illicit materials on his laptop computer. The materials included pictures of boys and adolescents as young as eight. Some were engaged in explicit sex acts. He also possessed several pornographic stories.

Lahey, who is himself gay and has been involved in a 10-year romantic relationship after a number of one night stands, imagines himself in a “submissive role” in his sado-masochistic sex fantasies, Bradford said.
“His role is to be submissive and subjected to humiliation and bondage,” said Bradford.

Lahey says he has never acted out on his fantasies and never committed any sexual offenses against a child, Bradford added.

Crown prosecutor David Elhadad questioned whether Lahey was trying to manipulate test results to present himself in the best possible light. Lahey scored highly on a test used to measure impression management.
Phallometric testing, which measures sexual arousal to images and audio tapes, also showed Lahey had an interest in adult females, even though he told the doctor he liked teenage boys and young adult men.
Lahey is facing a mandatory minimum one-year sentence, but could end up spending little to no further time behind bars.

Lahey’s lawyers, Michael Edelson and Solomon Friedman, are asking for two-for-one credit for the seven months Lahey has spent in jail since pleading guilty.

Lahey’s crime occurred before the Truth in Sentencing Act came into effect in February 2010, Friedman argued, entitling him to the enhanced credit. The Truth in Sentencing Act abolished the practice of giving an accused person two-for-one credit for so-called “dead time” before being sentenced.

Prosecutors intend to impose any additional credit for Lahey, who voluntarily surrendered himself into custody.

“This is a situation where after the legislation came in force, he purposely, out of his own choosing, put himself behind bars,” said prosecutor Mihael Cole.