In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful.

As-Salaam Alaikum.

When Jesus was among us, his mission had a time limit. He knew the season; he knew the time that he would no longer be among the people, so all during his ministry, he was preparing those who would carry on his work after he was gone. Sometimes, when a great one has been and is among us, we get addicted to a personality, and that can become dangerous in a sense because then we form sometimes what is called a personality cult.

They thought that way about Jesus because his personality was so strong, so vibrant, so magnificent that he was like a magnet drawing people out of the world to his ministry, to his mission. Not just to his personality, but to his mission.

Listen to these words: “If any man would be my disciple, he must first deny himself.” That’s big, because when somebody is asking you to accept his mission, you might have one yourself. And you don’t mind praising him; you don’t mind adoring him, but you say, “Don’t trouble me to become a part of your mission.”

So the first thing he [Jesus] taught Peter was: “Peter I know you’re a fisherman, but if you come and follow me, I will make you a fisher of men.” He asked Peter to deny himself and what he was doing to pick up the mission of his master.

When we were back in the choir room, and we were praying, the choir was singing so beautifully: “Jesus, Master. Jesus, Saviour.” When you are called by a master, he calls to make us masters.

When you are called by a saviour, he’s calling to make us a part of his mission of salvation.