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Thread: Worst Decade For Music?

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    This thread is full of fags like a gang from OZ.

    Quote Originally Posted by CharlesJones View Post
    Thanks for your hate hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

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    ^ As long as I am Ryan O'reily, then that's c00L >

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    honestly theyre all good I used to think the 70s then I got into P-Funk Black Sabbath Stooges, etc. for a while the 80s but their is a ton of dope hip hop even pop post punk etc from then, the 50s had amazing pop, jazz the 60s is were amazing the 90s have the worst pop but some of the best rock, hip hop, and underground punk/hardcore, 2000's had a ton of great indie,hip hop and shit

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    The 80's is definitely the most overrated
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    madonna and michael jackson. two of the best pop singers.

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    heavy metal is probably the worst genre of all time

    and punk rock is the greatest genre of all time

    i think 70s is seriously the best decade because it doesn't have the shitty heavy metal like the 80s and it's when punk rock really started

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    70s > 80s > 60s > 90s > 00s > 50s

    i barely listen to anything from the 50s anymore

    i would rather listen to cam'ron, lil wayne, and gucci mane than a lot of the jazz from the 50s. the 60s was a better time for jazz because of avant-garde jazz which i prefer more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paranoid View Post
    and there was plenty of heavy metal in 70s dumb ass
    yeah but not as shitty as the 80s and beyond

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    there was never an above-average heavy metal band in the history of music

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paranoid View Post
    the only metal that sucked in the 80s was the glam pop shit. the 80s birthed thrash metal, doom metal, black metal, death metal.
    black metal is the only "cool" metal from that list

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    i've listened to bathory, mayhem, and dissection before bruh

    black metal is the "best" heavy metal sub genre

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paranoid View Post
    thrash metal is basically the same thing as punk...just more advanced
    punk gave birth to several other punk sub genres. post-punk, post-hardcore, and even alternative rock. the ramones pioneered everything. they're the most influential band of all time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paranoid View Post
    the ramones are the not most influential band of all time though...
    of course they are

    they killed progressive rock for good and that's the best thing that ever happened for the good of music. if it wasn't for them we would've had pink floyd clone bands in the 80s. and pink floyd were only good in the 60s.

    then nirvana, another band obsessed with punk culture, killed another shitty genre, hair metal.

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    too bad they never released an album during their prime. it's such a shame because they were pretty good and more people should know about them. nyc punk movement is the best there is still.

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    mine is television for us punk. the raincoats for uk punk.

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