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Thread: something you can do for National Human Trafficking Awareness Day

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    Default something you can do for National Human Trafficking Awareness Day

    Jesaka Auset says...

    In 1994 when I was twelve in state custody. My closest sis in there had also been abused as a child. She was serving 7 years after snapping and taking somebody's life. That's when I first saw Sara on the news. She was facing life in prison after taking the life of her prior sex captor. The man had molested her since age 11 and trafficked her since the age of 13. At the time I was very traumatized. I carried razor blades or whatever I could get my hands on in case I would be attacked. I have scars on my body from where I was cut and from where I cut myself. Tried as I may, I had no family to turn to. Abuse was going on in the institution as well. I completely identified with Sara who had just turned 16. I looked around me as I sat there draped in county blues and I asked myself does anybody else see this injustice? --◊--

    I wrote this song for Sara last year. It was challenging not only because it's a heavy topic but because I wanted it to be pure. I didn't want to sensationalize it or to point fingers but to state the case clearly and to ask for her release. You are welcome to play this song on any radio broadcast, to share this note or to refer back to my home page for this message. --◊--

    This Wednesday, January 11th is the National Human Trafficking Awareness Day and the Nationwide Call In Day to Free Sara. Sara has served 18 years in the state of California for taking the life of the man who subjected her to years of child sex trafficking. Ask Governor Brown to release Sara today with time served. Within the U.S. call (916) 445-2841, dial 1, wait, then dial 6. --◊--

    Petitions To Free Sara

    Updates At My Blog Site

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