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Thread: Compilation of descriptions to better understand Psychedelic Out of Body Experiences

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    Default Compilation of descriptions to better understand Psychedelic Out of Body Experiences

    The Psychonauts at DMT-NEXUS.com collabarated and created a list of phrases with descriptions of the different parts that make up the psychedelic voyage as experienced on DMT (but can be applied to high doses of psilocybin mushrooms and ofcourse ayahusca. some of these are also experienced on certain occasions on salvia divinorum)


    The Hyperspace lexicon is here to make a compilation of phrases to better understand and describe hyperspace journeys for both the layman and advanced hyperspace travelers.

    Acute acceleration

    This phenomenon accrues when the body and/or mind shifts in any direction, leaving one at a different point than prior to acceleration.

    The Akashic Book
    Sometimes a physical book is the starting point for the perception of the Akashic Book. The Akashic Book contains deep knowledge, in a language you cant read but do understand. It is so profound, so omniscient, it contains exactly the right wisdom for you at this moment. The book tends to materialize and dematerialize during the experience. Suddenly it's gone, then it pops back into existence. The book seems to be written in light.

    Astral travelling
    The experience of traveling to other places and persons and meeting them during the experience on an astral plane. The physical/etherical body stays behind, the astralbody and Selfconciousness travels. Often the persons visited report meeting you in a dream or just having a strong impression of you being around. Even sexual encounters are possible, where both partners confirm the experience afterwards.

    Audio wind up/out
    Where near the end of an experience as the entities leave your perceptual field their communication changes from an understandable form (e.g. 'telepathic'/talking) into a 'winding up sound', similar to an audio delay being fed back into itself and the rate increased until it just becomes a buzz as it disappears. The sound is also highly resonant (i.e. chime or bell like).

    From a single point or concept (node) a 2 path branch appears (often both visually and in sense of thought/concepts) of both potentials. This often is experienced as then proceeding into an infinite number of branches.
    Body deconstruction
    When one's body seems to be dissolved and deconstructed into waves, particles, vibration, light. If the deconstruction is total, there's no sense of the body left, just the consciousness perceiving hyperspace.

    State traveler gets after ingesting the breakthrough dose of DMT. Beyond life or death. Beyond time or space or known dimensions. Inherently synaesthetic. Ultra sharp edges and highly polished surfaces. Endlessly morphing and fractalizing details. A sense of extremely high energy and vibration as well as frantic activity. All One. Feels oddly familiar - maybe where you were before birth and will return after death? Everything that ever is, has been, can be, will be, never was, never could be . . . . .

    The visual of a pristine polished "enhanced" open eyed reality.

    Carrier wave
    Just after a launch, travelers often hear a ringing tone or vibration somewhat resembling a carrier wave. As the ringing sensation continues one can even feel that this vibration is 'resonating in every cell of the body'. The frequency of the tone often seems to cause (or be caused by) the dissolution of the current environment, and may be a perceptual artifact of -the actual raising of one's vibratory rate to levels where access to Hyperspace is possible. Sounds like a high pitched tinntinitis tone right out of the range of consensual reality hearing (maybe what a dog hears with a dog whistle) - sometimes steady state, sometimes warbling up and down, like a siren.

    Central light
    A lightsource, overwhelming all other experiences and perceptions. Often kinesioöptic perceived. Intense like the sun. The light possesses an intelligence. The intensity of the experience is so extreme and lets all other experiences fade to the background that the notion arise of a "central" light, like central or primal to all experience or existence. A sort of ontological bottom / centrum / axis of hyperspace. see also End of the Line . In a religious paradigm, the traveler might interpret the Central Light as Buddha, Christ, Krishna or any other radiant and ultimate being in his or her religious paradigm.

    The Chrysanthemum
    A gigantic, often spinning, fractal flower with a domelike appearance that frequently either welcomes or blocks access to breakthrough hyperspace.

    The sudden accumulation or condensation of synchronistic events. More often experienced before or after visiting hyperspace than during hyperspace, yet hyperspace may be seen as the ultimate synchronospheric condensation itself. A disruption, distortion, ripple in the field statistic probability, where the organizing force of meaning overrules statistic probability and clusters a certain set of events into a synchronospheric condensation.

    Dimensional Elevator
    Similar to a terrestrial elevator, this is a small space that travelers can find themselves in, or purposefully use, which seems to rise at great speed through a multitude of higher & extra dimensional spaces. At various intervals, it opens up on a new vista or room where one can choose to get out and interact, or stay in the elevator and continue to ascend. The feeling of rising is often accompanied by a rising Carrier Wave.

    DMT fold
    Folding back into ,normal space´ after a trip. May be seen as similar to 2 steps coming together: |_ _|
    |_ _|
    Perceived as more complex 'concepts'/realities folding down into simpler / more normal / less infinite 'concepts' /realities. The aspects of the previous (higher) level not being able to be described by the lower level except as metaphor.

    End of the Line
    When having a DMT experience and you feel as if you have reached the Absolute Point. The Alpha and the Omega of the universe and your entire existence. Then you are having a 'The End of the Line' type of breakthrough.
    It may very well not be true at all, but for you subjectively it feels as if. see also Central light

    Currently, there are 2 main ways to classify the intelligent creatures (‘entities’) which one can encounter in the hyperspace.

    The classic one, which has been around for some time, is a lose collection of entities encountered by different journeymen over the course of many years. Therefore, it might lack a good, stable and reliable structure.

    The alternative classification method, proposed by Hyperspace Fool, is based mainly on his own experiences collected over a period of 30 years.[3] Because of his sole authorship, it is a better structured classification method. One should remember, however, that Hyperspace Fool used other means of exploring consciousness besides DMT (lucid dreaming for example). Therefore, the question whether his classification is a valid point of view regarding DMT Hyperspace experiences, remains open.

    The journeymen are advised to take a good look at both classification theories to see, which one resonates better with his/her own DMT Hyperspace experiences. And always remember: all experienced DMT users agree, that the actual hyperspace experience cannot be adequately put in words of our worldly language – the experience seems to be truly beyond any words. Therefore, do not limit your perception to the entities described below, because you will encounter more in the hyperspace than the words can ever say…

    Classic classification
    Hyperspace is filled with entities. These entities show a remarkable variety in appearance and behavior. This chapter includes some often sighted entities. It is not sure, wether some descriptions overlap. The Machine elves and Light Beings on the one hand, Elf goddess and Mother Goddess on the other might be the same perceptual experience with just different labels attached to it.

    A hierarchy of beings that rule the hierarchy of "normal" 'Light Beings' or 'Machine Elves' due to their development in and skills in entering, overviewing, ruling, initiating deeper and more complex levels of hyperspace.

    Light beings
    Beings entirely made of light. Details like facial expression are often hard to distinguish, because of their strong radiance. Always very benign, often connected to the Central Light.

    The Logos
    Gaian mind. See also Central light

    Machine elves
    Tykes. The servants of the Elf Goddess (Queen) and are the primary inhabitants of the Hyperspace.

    Elf goddess
    The Queen of the Machine elves. The underlining source of all Hyperspace experiences. See also Central light, End of the Line and Mother goddess

    Mother goddess
    A huge, bright, female goddess. Might be identified with Isis, or Mother Mary, yet transcending identification with these earthly identifications. Bright, really bright light, caring, loving, caressing all pain and all tears. A kalonkinesioöptic experience with explicit female overtones. It's not sure if the Elf Goddess points to the same experience. See also Central light & The End of the Line
    Alternative Hyperspace Fool's classification

    In order to discuss the creatures, people, conscious entities, and sentient beings one comes across in travels involving the spice, it makes sense to break down the classifications at least somewhat. The names I have given below are merely my personal lexicon, but as some of the terms are weighted I would understand if not everyone can agree upon them.

    As this is attempting to plug some holes in the existing Hyperspace Lexicon, as well as introduce some major new concepts, there is some overlap with what is currently up on the WIKI. I have chosen not to define the singular beings (i.e. Mother Goddess) or go into the commonly accepted "self-transforming machine elves" as these have already been dealt with extensively.

    The word ENTITIES has been agreed upon as the overarching term for all of the various intelligences you might stumble into while making your way with spice both in and out of Hyperspace.

    The array of entities encountered/encounterable is vast, and as such it helps to subdivide this broad term into sub-categories. For our purposes these shall be:
    A) Hyper-Spatial Beings
    B) Extra-Dimensional Beings that don't live in Hyperspace
    C) Local Entities

    Often times the various beings I have described here are more interested in observing, and sometimes communicating or parlaying with, other beings... than they are in us. Some of them seem to regard us the way we would regard a tiny kitten that pokes its head out of a bush. They might pet you or give you some milk, but they generally find you rather ignorant of whatever it is that is important to them. Of course there are plenty of entities who seem to have nothing better to do than to put on the most fabulous show this side of somewhere... just for little ol' you.

    Hyper-Spatial Beings
    Hyper-Spatial Beings is the subset of entities that actually reside in Hyperspace. There are certainly a number of classes and sub-categories here, and the first couple types here tend to be the regular "greeters" of that realm in that they are usually among the first entities one is likely to encounter:

    Flirty Fairies
    Flirty Fairies: They resemble traditional fairies and often actually have wings. Flirty Fairies can appear more "nymphish" as well. They are fluid and transforming... slowly pulsing with light at times, but generally hold the form of beautiful women who are overflowing with beauty and joy... so much so that they can barely stay within their skins. They squirm and pose, bat their eyelashes, wink and play in a nearly burlesque fashion... often stripping for you. An interesting note about them is that they even do this for heterosexual women. In fact, it doesn't seem to be sexually motivated, but rather an expression or flowering of their essential beautiful nature (essential nature - BEAUTY).

    Hyperspace Jesters
    Hyperspace Jesters: Could also be called Harlequins or fools. They truly resemble medieval jesters and harlequins... however, they are not silly or foolish in any way. They tend to be hyper-intelligent and might be the male versions of the Flirty Fairies. They have a fundamentally different nature that they are trying to show off, though. They like to show you things... objects. Often flashing Hyperspace tarot cards at you which, on their own, can impart reams of information to you when you look at them. They are similar enough to the "Machine Elves" that they could be the same species, only these guys tend to not be operating the machines... perhaps they are on break or vacation (essential nature - CRAFT).

    Geniuses or Genii
    Geniuses or Genii: These guys tend to be sitting in fanciful chairs and observe you with a much more dour and reproachful manner than either of the above types. They tend to lean back with their head tilted somewhat disdainfully to the side, stroking their chin or fingering their noses slowly. If they decide they have energy for you, they will get out of their seats, and move lightning quick. Immediately appearing behind you, and wherever you turn your head or your attention, they will already be there. They seem to enjoy demonstrating how pathetic you are, and often answer your questions before you even ask them. Very humbling. Though they don't have horns necessarily, and are usually neon rainbow opalizing on ebony, rather than red... they do have something in common with popular conceptions of devils or "the devil." They are far more genteel than the above two types (essential nature - GUILE & LOGIC).

    Morphos: This class of beings tend to have fairly unstable forms and can rise and subside out of the Jim Jam like waves. They are aware, though... and are capable of solidifying into phantastic phorms if they so choose. These forms are often straight out of mythology only far more colorful and multi-dimensional. Here you find dragons, tritons, sphinx, harpies, roc, phoenix, mock turtles, jabberwocky, minotaur, dryads, quetzelcoatl, yeti, octopii etc. There are no limits to what might crest out of the Jim Jam and sail past you... They tend to have vast awareness and consciousnesses that contain peculiar and unique gems of wisdom (essential nature - GUIDANCE & WISDOM).

    Plant & Object Devas
    Plant & Object Devas: The Devas are living, often hyper-intelligent, beings that often resemble plants or objects more than they do what we might normally recognize as sentient beings. They can be very helpful and are always interesting to observe as they unfold, wiggle, transform & flower. An interesting note is that if they do unfold entirely for you, they seem to have erogenous zones like pistils and stamen which can experience something akin to orgasm. Due to the telepathy inherent in hyperspatial contacts, the traveler is able to experience some of this cosmic ecstasy as well. (essential nature - MYSTERIES & ECSTASY)

    Extra-Dimensional Beings that don't live in Hyperspace
    In addition to Hyperspatial Beings, there are beings that one can perceive by peeking out of Hyperspace and into other tangential realms. Sometimes it is akin to peeking out of mirrors in the Hyperspace "Hallways Of Always" and into other real places with entities who don't live in Hyperspace per se. Other times, it is more like a high speed elevator that stops at various dimensional "floors" where the doors open, and you can pop out and interact with the denezins for a period of time (often very short) before the door closes and you rocket up to even higher levels. The myriad sorts of beings that one encounters this way are too vast to even attempt classification, but some of the ones that seem easiest to encounter are:

    Dream Wizards
    Dream Wizards: These guys tend to be classic Gandalf types with far more trippy and cool robes. They inhabit monasteries, castles, and even Roger Dean-ish cities. They tend to ignore you, but might deign to give you a slight indication that they are aware of you. The most intelligent human being of all time is a rank idiot next to them.

    Gods & Goddesses
    Gods & Goddesses: These beings actually do resemble various cultural archetypal godheads. There are Hindu, Egyptian, Mayan, Celtic, African and plenty of un-recognizable types. They tend to be more sci-fi than you would imagine them from only reading sacred books. They are capable of taking a keen interest in you, and despite being oceanic in comparison to the Genii or the Wizards... they don't usually judge you, but rather have a kind-of infinite compassion... although you can't always count on that. They are of different temperments and personalities, and it is rare to see more than one of them on any given journey.

    Elementals: Beings of a primal nature, often associated with one of the various elements. Fire, Water, Space, Earth, Air... there are sub-classes as well. Metal, Wood, Ice etc.

    Aliens: While all of these beings are technically aliens, these guys strike you immediately as being alien. They are so different from us as to be outside of our myths, or at least their minds feel far more foreign than other sorts of entities you encounter. Often you come to them in their own realms when you pop out on the other side of a Hyperspace journey. Equally often, they might come to you. They are generally not as scary as they look, but more interested in studying how far we humans have come. These guys include the insectoids (like the Praying Mantis), the reptilians (of various sorts), and more amorphous and nebulous intelligences.
    Local Entities
    Furthermore, there are the beings that exist here in this place when you are stable enough to increase your vibration sufficiently to see them without actually going into Hyperspace at all. They can also be encountered after a Hyperspace Journey if you open your eyes while still almost peaking. Somewhat easier to encounter if you are outdoors, but not necessary. These guys include the wealth of non-corporal or higher dimensional beings that exist on Earth. The feeling is that they are always here, but you have to be vibrating at or near their frequency in order to perceive or interact with them. These guys include:

    Angels: They don't necessarily look like typical pop culture angels, but they can. They tend to emenate light and are often keenly watching the humans present. It seems as if some people actually do walk around with a couple guardian angels. But these guys often hang out in the background, and do not always make their presence known.

    Spirits: Discorporate energy or emotional beings who often inhabit certain spaces and specific locales. There are a wide variety of them.

    Ghosts: Typically discorporate humans who might be lost or very intent on doing something specific.

    Ascended Masters & Buddhas
    Ascended Masters & Buddhas: Enlightened beings who tend to hang about on clouds or other lofty vantage points and observe all things below them without any real intent or focus. Their consciousness encompasses everything they observe, but they are usually fairly free of any desire or goal. Sometimes it seems that they are chanting or doing yoga and that their efforts actually support and uplift everything they contact... tonifying the world, so to speak.

    Local Aliens
    Local Aliens: Can be any kind, but the usual suspects pop up as well. The higher one is, the higher levels and vibrational frequency entities one is likely to be able to see. One might see the stereotypical Greys lurking about, but often one can actually see two or three levels of aliens who are watching and observing THEM. Maybe Greys have their own Angels and Buddhas. Who knows? The more interesting ones, though can be vast. Big as the moon vast. If you can actually see these guys, then they become immediately VERY interested in you.

    Other Awakened Humans
    Other Awakened Humans: of which there are sometimes quite a few. At times, it can be difficult to tell them from the Ascended Beings, but it is easy once you get the hang of it. These guys seem to be travelling away from their corporal forms... perhaps they are dreaming or astral projecting.

    Developing (stimulating, initiating, facilitating evolution of) a situation towards containing and radiating more light (see also Central Light)

    This is a symptom one has after the return from Hyperspace. Also described as a warped or more appreciative view of reality. Symptoms include seeing sounds and hearing colors.

    Folding Rooms
    The multidimensional spaces that certain hyperspace beings often entangle, enmesh, and overlap travellers in. They actually seem to fold over & in on themselves and the observer viscerally... reaching behind and around one with their architecture.

    Glass chrysanthemum
    The kaleidoscopic/fractal pattern that turns into the doorway to hyperspace.[9]

    Sometimes the entities present gifts to the hyperspace traveler. These gifts can be 'sculptures', 'orbs', 'Faberge eggs from mars', 'extra-terrestrial notions', 'glyphs' and many other things.

    The place you go to after breakthrough, can be any place and time imaginable. Where the impossible can easily happen, extreme geometric explosions of color, sound, emotions, information, also the feeling of it being hyperreal.

    In Between
    The world where you arrive before you break into hyperspace. It is a world where you are on your own, already left this plain, but not yet reached the other. One can be confronted with a hightened awareness of the tensions present in the body, or with daily problems one struggles with. Accepting these experiences and using them literally as a portal to hyperspace can still bring the traveller to hyperspace.

    Squishy, goopy, sticky, stringy matter of hyperspace that anything can be created from. It is multicolored and delicious.
    Sometimes the resulting product from an extraction of mimosa hostilis using limonene as the non-polar solvent is also refered to as Jimjam.[4] Also see Plasmatis.

    Jungle Spice
    The darker spice that looks yellowish to reddish (see Spice).

    The sensory perception of the body becomes rewired to the visual interpretating part of the brain. The body can sense-see light. The body can dissolve in the experience (see also: body deconstruction) and be left with just the sensing of light (see also: Central Light, kalonkinesioöptic)

    Kalon is a greek term, used to refer to the Platonic Idea of Beauty, Transcendental Beauty. In this experience the ( Central) Light that is kinesioöptical perceived, communicates or transfers the ultimate Beauty, mindblowing Beauty, jaw-droping astonishing Beauty.

    The orgastic-like experience that accompanies the (kalon)kinesioöptic perception of the Central Light

    Mental Backflip
    Not quite ego death, but the process necessary to get on top of a wild trip experience. It is akin to throwing oneself backwards into the unknown purposefully in order to flip one's egoic mind and come out the other side more confident, empty and in control. Generally, it involves some form of quiet sitting meditation where one detaches from the stream of thought and becomes an observer of the flow. In this way, the content of the flow ceases to be directly experienced as happening inside of one's mind or happening to one, but as a parade of, often meaningless, external stuff. Anything truly valuable that floats by can be easily retrieved, but it is generally mostly garbage. Very polluted or disturbed minds can be like sitting by a sewage canal.

    Like physically doing a backflip, it works best if done with concerted effort, because any hesitation or resistance can slow or stop the flip. If done correctly, one flips sufficiently to see the ground before even finishing the ascending thrust of the jump... while upside down. At this point one can be 100% sure one will finish the rotation, and is confident that one will land on one's feet, with a clear idea of where that landing will take place. Done wrong, one can flip so slowly that the rotation isn't completed until just before one lands, panting and heart racing, on one's hands and knees. If one won't let their view of the ground go at all, it is possible to not flip, and simply jump backwards and land on one's back. In rare instance, one CAN land on one's head. Though, in truth, these misfires are more like falling backwards, than flipping per se... and are more likely to occur when not attempting the Mental Backflip intentionally, but simply from instability or being uprooted.
    The flip can be done fairly quickly by a regular, experienced meditator, and is ideally done early on in an entheogenic journey. The benefits will last for the rest of the trip, and often mean the difference between rewarding and enlightening journeying, and head tripping. It should be noted that CEV's being stronger than OEV's, mental backflipping can intensify the trip considerably at first, and can be experienced as a "burning through" or a "trial by fire." Like getting to the "second wind" while jogging, it can involve some discomfort before coming out on the other side. Practitioners of the backflip method, though, feel that it is the supreme preventative (and curative) method against bad trips. Naturally, this method is less called for when using substances that are inherantly less head trippy or instill their own clarity. Also, the short duration of the smoalked spice experience makes mental backflipping irrelevant.

    It generally takes between 15 min and 2 hours to accomplish a genuine flip. Though, it can be done anywhere from nearly instantaneously, to nearly taking up the entire trip, based on the force of the leap and the focus of the flipper.

    When a DMT journey travels in time one way [standard forward], and then near the end of the trip quickly rewinds back through the entire trip.

    When entering hyperspace for the first time, or entering deeper levels of hyperspace for the first time, there can be a "psychedelic shock". The paradigms and worldimage of the individual is shattered, obviously no longer 'works' in these realms, and the individual traveler is left with empty hands staring at the fragments of what he formerly knew as 'truth'. This experience can, in the first moments, be seemingly traumatic because of the inabiltity of the traveler to process his experience, leading to the feeling of being absolutely overwhelmed. Yet, when the traveler can reach a certain inner concentration, a firmness, while being and experiencing these newer and deeper levels of truth, the psychedelic shock turns out to be utterly freeing. The paradox is that the experience has the disturbing effect of a trauma, yet the cause of the trauma is an Platonic experience of total truth, beauty and love (see also kalonkinesioöptic ). The experience is intenser and deeper than 'mindblowing', 'disturbing' lacks the insight&beauty that accompanies the experience. Ontoseismic is composed of a merging of 'ontos' (greek for 'being') and 'seismos' (earthquake, from 'seiein' (greek for 'to shake').

    Planck Time
    The smallest unit of time that can be mathematically described. When you feel time compressing in to smaller and smaller units, you are approaching Planck Time. When you reach it, you experience time 'stopping'. See also

    The multicolored constantly shifting gel-goo of amazement which decorates the space around everything in the land of the elves. Also see Jimjam.

    Pre flight anxiety
    Pre flight anxiety is the anxiety one has just before liftoff into Hyperspace. Since being shot into hyperspace is such a stressful and powerful moment people are in some way afraid of that moment, the anxiety they undergo at that specific moment is known as 'pre flight anxiety'. Many also report that this Pre flight anxiety diminishes shortly after entering hyperspace or upon returning from hyperspace.

    Rainbow Yawns
    Yawning accompanied by an increase in visuals and great euphoria ("Its like a hyper ether brain massage to the sound of an earthquake.."[5]) Often experienced during oral DMT experiences and during the comedown.

    (noun - both singular & plural) as well as Verschnörkelt (adjective) & Schnörkeln (verb) The various spirals, ornamentations, and fillagree which decorate hyperspatial areas, objects, doorways, balustrades, textiles... and, well everything that can be decorated. They are generally not static, but rather being designed and redesigned in realtime by the travellers, the denezins of hyperspace, or by themselves.

    Shadow Exaggeration
    When shadows exaggerate there sizes.

    Spice slang for the word smoke, as it applies to smoking spice. The term can be said to originate from the fact that DMT is an alkaloid. Thus, smoke and alkaloid make smoalk.

    The Spice
    Slang term for DMT.

    Spice Slang
    (noun) The informal usage in vocabulary and idiom relating to Spice and Hyperspace. It is characteristically more metaphorical, playful, elliptical, vivid, and ephemeral than ordinary language. Use of any terms in the Hyperspace Lexicon in one's speech or writing is an example of Spice Slang. It also includes the purposeful mis-spelling of words for added meaning amongst those in the know. (i.e. smoalk for smoke and moar for more)
    Spice Slang can be characterized by the use of vulgar and socially taboo vocabulary alongside its idiomatic expressions... Or not. It is, in practice, the jargon of the particular class or subsection of the population who are interested in, and often regularly partake in the consumption of DMT. It is a flexible and ever expanding set of terminology, and its use can sometimes lead to confusion amongst the un-initiated.

    This phrase could also be used as a verb, adjective, or other article of speech.

    Interestingly enough, the term slang, on its own, has its roots in the "special vocabulary of tramps or thieves," and grew into the "jargon of a particular profession." First usage in English appears in the mid 1700's. It is likely of Scandinavian source. (cf. Norw. slengenamn "nickname," slengja kjeften "to abuse with words," lit. "to sling the jaw," related to O.N. slyngva "to sling." )[6]
    Matching Quote
    "All slang is metaphor, and all metaphor is poetry."
    -Gilbert Keith Chesterton

    Short for Static Pattern Overlay. The static pattern overlay is the way 'they' communicate with me on lower doses. Faces from every ancient era show up in any uniform surface. The best ever was a picture of my favorite fractal. I thought I would be most fascinated by the fractal swirls but the static, slightly irregular monochromatic background showed me more in one square foot than I'd ever seen before. I am always like-'how do they do that?' or 'they are so clever' because you can blink or look away change your point of view and the same image persists! [7]

    Stuck in a loop
    When your mind keeps repeating the same thoughts or events over and over again in a seemingly infinite loop. [8]

    When 'normal' object (a book, a piece of paper, individuals,paintings, written notes etc.) enter superposition (borrowed from the field of quantummechanics (wikipedia) it starts having 'Magical' properties. The object seems to move and shift position when it is not observed. When people enter superposition, one can perceive them at two (or more) places at the same time. The 'normal' object seems to fall from our ontological ( wikipedia) map into a multidimensional state, where it starts being driven, pushed and ruled more by Meaning&Intention than by Newtonian laws.

    You sort of pop out of the normal flow of time, into a certain area where time is eternal. From there you can travel to any given point in the timeline and re-enter the timeline. There you can re-experience that specific timeframe, and sometimes finish unfinished business. See also Planck Time.

    The Throat Marble
    This is a symptom one can have while visiting Hyperspace. Feeling as though you don't need to breathe. Also discribed as the feeling of a rolling ball trapped in the back of ones throat. [9]
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