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Thread: Reks x Statik Selektah - Straight, No Chaser

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    Default Reks x Statik Selektah - Straight, No Chaser

    Anyone know when this drops?

    Been listening to Statik Selektah's "Well-Done" album with Action Bronson and just heard Reks new albums for the first time and by the sounds of those two albums and the song "Autographs" that will be on this album then it looks like this is going to be a great album.


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    i'm not sure when it drops but i hope it will be dope.. Reks is definitely one of the best emcees to break through in the last five years or so (yes i know he had an album earlier but it didn't get no recognition so...). his latest album was nice, especially his rhyming on there.

    Statik however needs to chill down on his output and focus on quality over quantity imo. he has some absolutely mind blowing beats that's super hot but he got a ton of uninspired shit too if you ask me... if he instead focused on putting out only the best of the best he would be one of the illest producers around.

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