G.O.D.F.A.T.H.A. = A millionaire who is fly and he raps about drug sells

MC Hammer = he was rich but he didn't talk about selling drugs

Master P = this nigga sold the most drugs in the history of rap

Jedi Mind Tricks = they sold drugs before they turned into Muslims

Snoop Dogg = he sold drugs too

Too Short = Short Dog didn't have to sell drugs, he took the other route and sold mixtapes out his trunk and sold women to other men better known as pimping

Kanye West = he sold drugs before he met Talib Kweli and Mos Def

Kid Cudi = he sold drugs too

Jay Z = ah yes the most famous drug dealer of them all. I remember when me, Jay Z and Biggie Smallz drove all the way to Nebraska to get rid of 5 kilos of coke, 3 pounds of weed and 40 e pills

Raekwon = If Rae wouldnt have sold all those drugs Wu Tang Clan wouldnt exist

Tom from MySpace = he sold drugs just so he can start up MySpace

Oprah Winfrey = if she didn't sell drugs she wouldn't have her own television show

George W. Bush = him and his father sold drugs to Saddam which led to mass confusion. Saddam owed them money so he got his bitch ass killed. Real drug dealers like me, George W. and Gucci Man get our thrills off of killing disrespectul fuckers like Saddam

Gucci Man and OJ Da Juiceman - I remember when that nigga Jeezy told me to give Gucci Man a trapspot 7 years ago. When I did so Gucci took off. If it wasn't for Jeezy Gucci would still be a trap nigga instead of a rap and a trap nigga.

T.I. = he once sold 10 pounds of weed in two days. Those are some amazing ass numbers considering the fact that Shawty Lo had shit on lock down.

Papoose = he snuck in 3 grams of cocaine so Remy Ma can get high

Rick Ross = this big nigga was a C.O. but during his short stint he snuck in over 300 grams of cocaine to the inmates he supervised. My cousin "Big Reggie" was Ricks number one inmate to give cocaine too.

Uncle Luke = he didn't have to sell drugs because he sold women and explicit lyrics.

Vince McMahon = he sold drugs to Hulk Hogan, Macho Man Randy Savage, Lex Luger and other buff wrestlers.

R. Kelly = he sold weed to 15 year old girls and they got horny and laid down on their backs

Mike Tyson = he didn't just sell drugs in Brooklyn he also sold punches.

Michael Jordan = before he made it big in the NBA he sold weed to his North Carolina comrades. James Worthy was high during the national championship game.

Kobe Bryant and Lebron James = before these two became stars they both sold weed to their fellow teammates. Thats why Kobe listens to Snoop and Lebron listens to Kanye West.

Shaquille Oneal = the big fellow sold drugs when he was playing for Orlando and the Miami Heat. Florida = the best drugs in America

Paul Wall = the white boy met up with Bun B and Pimp C and asked them how to sell drugs. He blew up big and thats all she wrote

Eminem = he sold drugs on 8 Mile Road. I was there when him and Proof sold 3 pounds of weed to some nigga named "Jim Jones".

Camron = All I can say is "Meet the guy in Ohio'.

Joe Budden = him and Ransom and Hitchcock sold lots and lots of drugs before they formed the A Team. They were known as the Trap Team before they came up with the A Team

Jesus = he sold drugs to Noah. Noah needed some cocaine to give to his family. Noah also got the animals high too.

Maino = hi hater.

Mobb Deep = Free Prodigy is all I can say

Tragedy Khadafi = Queens get the money

Wyclef = he sold drugs to buy a guitar. Haiti = the best cocaine in the world minus Columbia

Shabba Ranks and Buju Banton = between the both of them I don't know who sold me the most ganja. I once bought 20 pounds of good grade ganja from Buju. Shabba sold me 15 pounds of good grade ganja last month.

Denzel Washington = don't let that cop movie fool you. This guy really does sell drugs. I was with him two years ago and he sold 4 kilos of cocaine to someone named "Ludacris".

Missy Elliot = this fly bitch is always smoking weed with Busta Rhymes. Why do you think they dress so fly?

and last but not least....................

WuTang-Corp.com = these fuckers on this site sell drugs, make music, Twitter their lifes away, sell more drugs, fuck hoes, sell more drugs, Twitter some more and attend Grind Time Now battles so they can sell some more drugs.