I remember when someone named Jay Z first sold drugs back in 1988. He was the leader of the Brooklyn crew back in 88. Now this Jay Z cat has come out with Blueprint 3. Here is my review for this shit.

1. Why do I bite so much - Excellent track

2. My dick can't get hard to fuck Beyonce - Another excellent track by the biggest biter in HipHop history

3. I'm not from Brooklyn I'm from Idaho featuring Memphis Bleek - I am glad to see Memphis Bleek back rapping. This guy is lyrical and hes a genius when it comes to making good music

4. I want to fuck Joe Budden - I had to skip this track

5. Camron was right, I do look like Joe Camel featuring the Camel City All stars - This is a good track.

6. Biggie sat on my face when he was alive - Another excellent track by the biter.

7. Tickle me Elmo - This track got skipped

8. I'm a biter - I love this track.

9. Fake drug dealers featuring Master P and Gucci Man - Master P has the best verse I have ever heard in years from a pop rap goon.

10. I sold drugs to my own mother featuring Jay Zs mother - I never knew that the biggest biter in the world mother could sing.

11. I wear tube socks - This is a great track

12. HipHop Effect is where I hang out at - This is a good track too.

13. Eminem stole my dildo and used it on Nick Cannon - This track is funny but true.

14. Bugz Gorilla and Camel Man featuring Fifty Cent - Fifty Cent is very lyrical on this track

15. My breath smells like horse ass - I love this track too.

16. Me and R. Kelly pissed on each other featuring R. Kelly - The Kell man is back and so is the big biter.

17. Bonus track - Mainstream wackness featuring Drake and Lil Wayne - This is a great track made by a great team of pop rappers.

18. Double Bonus track - Yea I bite so what? featuring the Big Biting All Stars - This is a great bonus track to add to this great album.

Special notes: I bought this album today from Best Buy and it only cost me 9.99 plus tax. I was one of the first 10 people in line to purchase this great album created by one of the greatest biters in the world today. It is a very solid album I must say. Thats all for now.

9.5/10 stars for this classic album.