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    Default Header for website


    im looking for a header and a logo for my site
    for now it can be a mock up of sorts for the site above...

    im working on the web site soon and want a good header and logo for it
    the fonts have to be good quality..and i will need the fonts u use as well

    Edit: also a background as well that matches

    the site deals with film and is about movie news and reviews

    the logo maybe have some sort of reel in it or old time movie camera
    colors i don't know

    header needs to be movie related ..pics from films needs to be blacked out so u cant tell what its from (so i dont get sued)if they are used ..also would like to add a hint of kung fu action.


    for the real web site i need a header like wu corps logo on left
    any one wanna help

    ill throw down 50$ for the website header and logo

    but for now all i want is the mock up header for the site above 978 x 288 pixels

    post the header here and hook me up with email address for when i need the header done for the web site im about to work on
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