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"Chamber Music" is already an album, i usually bump it all the way through only i take off all the skits except the intro and the one with the Shaolin flick samples before "Ill Figures" - "Redemption" or what it's called. or do you mean that you combine "Chamber Music" with the best of "Legendary Weapons"?? good idea if that's the case, i really need to try that - that should be great cuz much of them sound like one project.

a similiar thing i do is that i combine the two "Afro Samurai" soundtracks into an 18 track album and that way it's pretty damn mindblowing. i use the 7 emcee tracks on volume 1 (not counting the bonus songs) and then the 10 or 11 songs i really like on volume II. that shit is insane, you should try it.

to answer OP's question. it depends, sometimes i get a Wu period where i basically only listen to the first round of solos, "36 Chambers" and "Wu Forever". other times i almost exclusively listen to the second round of solos + "The W" and "Iron Flag". and sometimes i listen to alot of Ghost.. this all goes in period, i haven't listened much to Wu the last months now. there's a few in the catalouge that i don't think i listen to once a year, maybe not even every other year - stuff like "Wizard Of Poetry", "Pro Tools", "Digi Snacks", all Inspectah Deck albums except his debut.
You should listen to pro tools and some songs off other deck albums more regularly id say.

I think pro tools is pretty underrated, especially the ka and rza verses. 7 pounds is real banging track, gza should work w black milk more.