Well, letís talk about Negroes on Ice. I got an email last week saying that this thing was coming, which I was not aware of. What exactly is this?

What it is, is actually sort of say a one-man play, which me and my son had wrote, and he is actually the front man of this whole thing. Itís a small production. We tried to keep it simple and keep it personable to the people, so itís been like small theaters, and itís more or less like a day in the life of my son. Kind of the inspiration for it is my son has a tendency ofóand this is in true lifeójust like fabricating the truth and kind of extending like these weird stories and stuff. So itís more or less an exaggerated day in his life; I mean, all the people participated that I'm about to mention did voiceovers and stuff for the play, but he wakes up in the morning and his girlfriend is Rosie Perez. He eventually goes to RZAís house, punches him in the face and just randomly looks at RZAís artwork. Itís like itís just bizarre, and he goes to Freddy Foxxís house and punches him in the face, and he ends up at a gay parade and he goes from the gay parade to Peanut Butter Wolf, Erick Sermon is a cab driver, Ice-T eventually tries to arrest him. So itís all over the place - probably my best way to describe it is itís like a staged play of Adult Swim, so Iíll put it like this: you will definitely need to pay close attention, because if you donít catch it in the beginning you wonít know whatís going on (laughs). Itís just itís a bizarre play.