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    Default street orchestra

    my humidity humidifies you foolish guys netted in a net of lies
    walk on before the pursuit is pursued trial for your tribe
    lines of nature nice naturally shiest a natural slice
    let's huddle i'm super with a bowl blow out your torso
    Brady arm watch me throw deep darts enter the skull slow
    he whose hit fades fast experts rate my blow
    a ten from a one flow perfection from both lungs
    hunger to dine om your hide with a glass of rum
    well aged grapes blend with the ice
    sparkle glory gory recreation
    you shaky cats need meds for medication
    it's a sad story you lost respiration
    the black star who escaped the black hole
    zombies hunger for doe eyes covered by a blind-fold

    street orchestra symphony of pain
    a smash of heavy lines to satisfy your souls
    i stay dirtier than what lies beneath the man-hole

    your played pong forgettable like mase songs
    another turkey stuffed wrong
    run the fixings the illest from brick-city to Brixton
    your twitching for switching sets watch the pistons
    mind my manners scanners couldn't detect the hidden hammer
    note-books filled write bars in the daily planner
    go head bite teeth break impact great
    gaining weight from feasting on your cake
    hate spreads like s.t.d.'s
    track damage let it bleed
    hit harder than the russian that killed apollo creed
    queens get fertilized while chicken-heads swallow the seeds
    i don't eat anything that bleeds

    the last challenge to silence critics with critical intellect
    president without votes over whoever you elect
    so select the canidate before i catch a cannon case
    words can't describe the scribe sitting on the crate
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    My evidence, my own testament, written on wood
    Twelve tribes layin at the head of corners in hoods
    Hell razah

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