you should read the whole interview though...

DX: Yeah. [Laughs] And so, what, it was around the same time that you coulda had Luda too?

Erick Sermon: No, Ludacris was in Atlanta. Donít forget, I [moved to] Georgia in 1992. Luda used to come to my house. He was a big Redman fan. So a lot of [his music] was like [Redman's]. And I used to put rims on the Hot 97 van when he was Chris Lova Lova on Hot 97 in Atlanta, Georgia.

And Wu-Tang Clan, my best friend, the guy who brought me Biggie, his fatherís church was in Staten Island. So I went to they projects and sat down with Raekwon and all of Ďem. I have a picture Ė which I hope my boy still has it Ė of me with the whole Wu-Tang Clan on my [Chevrolet Camaro] IRoc.

DX: Wow. And this was like, what, right before or right after the Hit Squad split?

Erick Sermon: No, this was in í89. This was early Erick Sermon. The Wu-Tang thing was early, when I was [just starting out] in EPMD.

DX: I didnít think there was a Wu-Tang till much later, Ďcause I remember I did an interview with Raekwon -

Erick Sermon: No, it wasnít the name Wu-Tang Clan. Raekwon was just Sha Allah back then. He was speaking more Muslim stuff.

DX: Oh, okay. Yeah, Ďcause I remember he specifically told me that the Hit Squad inspired Wu-Tang. They purposefully modeled themselves after the Hit Squad.

Erick Sermon: Yes. I saw him on TV one day and it bugged me out when I heard Raekwon say, ďYo, we modeled ourselves after the Hit Squad.Ē

DX: Is this like regrets at this point, or just like, you know what, itís how it goes, itís all in the game?

Erick Sermon: Right. Iím just happy to be, to understand. Like I said, Iím not here to grasp no fame. Iím already famous. Iím just here to make music Ďcause people are calling for it. A nigga like Jay-Zís out there, Puffyís out there, and I donít feel that we should even put the age [cap] on it. Weíre the only genre that does that. Itís an artform. If you can still do it, then go ahead and do it. And the young ones hate because theyíre not bigger than the ones thatís been doing it. They donít sell more records than Raekwon so they disrespect it. And that is retarded. The longer Raekwon has, the longer you have in the game! But they donít look at it that way. And thatís the ignorance of being young and inexperienced.