Working on an online reality show with a group, and i told them to let me handle the logo work cause i can find good artists on here.

The concept is a reality show where girls with different entertainment based careers (modeling, singing, rapping, fashion, ect) are in one house living together and documenting their progression in their careers. 90% f the show will be them fighting, fucking and partying though. anyways

the text on it is MajeBabes. I want to use the brass knuckle image in the logo tilted to the left slightly and the words Maje Babes written in lipstick with sloppy female handwriting

Maje means forbidden/bad so incorporate that into the design/style color scheme ect.

I want the brass knuckles in black, the text is whatever color you choose but brass knuckles must be black

you can make a tiara out of them, or use them however but i feel it's a pretty simple concept so im open for creative input

ALSO i want the brass knuckles blacked out like a stencil, no details on it.