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Thread: Pattch82 & claaa7 Present: GANGRENE - THE FIX (Gangrene Series Vol. III)

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    Default Pattch82 & claaa7 Present: GANGRENE - THE FIX (Gangrene Series Vol. III)


    As promised, here's the final part in mine and claaa7's Gangrene trilogy.

    Here we have every Gangrene track outside of their two albums and the Greneberg EP. The compilation starts off with 'Acts Of Violence' and 'Under Siege' which were both included on ALC's Chemical Warfare album. Then we've included the four tracks from the Sawblade EP that was released before Gutter Water, seeing as it's pretty much out of print now. Tracks 3 to 6 are from the Sawblade EP. Then we've got 'Demons (Remix)' which is produced by Kankick and is supposedly a left over from the Gutter Water album. The compilaton finishes off with a couple of guest spots and as a bonus, The Chinatown Wars (Gangrene Mix).

    01. Acts Of Violence feat. Roc C & Crooked I (Produced by ALC)
    02. Under Siege (Produced by Oh No)
    03. Freshest Rhymes (Produced by ALC)
    04. Operating Room (Produced by ALC)
    05. The Sickness (Produced by Oh No)
    06. Overdose (Produced by Oh No)
    07. Demons (Remix) feat. Evidence & Fashawn (Produced by Kankick)
    08. From The Creation feat. Fashawn & Roc C (Produced by ALC)
    09. How To Drown A Fish feat. Scram Jones (Produced by Scram Jones)
    10. Chinatown Wars (Gangrene Mix) feat. Phat Kat, MidaZ The Beast, Royce Da 5'9", Sean Price, M.E.D., Roc C, Chino XL, Marvwon, Guilty Simpson & Evidence (Produced by ALC & Oh No)

    There is also a Gangrene collaboration on M.E.D.'s latest album 'Classic'. The track 'War & Love' is produced by ALC and features Oh No. We decided not to include it here as the album was released on Stones Throw and y'all know what they're like for taking down links! Haha!

    Anyway, check out the compilation here and bang this shit!!!


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    This is what I've been fiendin' for.


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    Thanks for your hate hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

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    yeah this one turned out really well, any fans of Alchemist and Oh No will love this.

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    Good shit I was bumpin sawblade the other day thanks
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    Thanks son.

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    good shit, muchly appreciated

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