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Thread: Streaming Radio shows? Links to old ones? (strech n bob, premier, future flavas)

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    Default Streaming Radio shows? Links to old ones? (strech n bob, premier, future flavas)

    Does anyone have these? I think brandon suggested soulseek or whatever that is, but I can't use that at school. I'd really like some archived stuff or be able to listen to pete/premier/whoever that is dope's current stuff. Anyone able to help?
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    The last streaming site I posted was Mixcloud, it's cool and easy to use. I think the easiest is YouTube, you might want to start there by using you're account to create playlists of Stretch & Bob material you come across in search.

    Join us at Phila Flava forums for a thread dedicated to whole shows of Stretch & Bob on mp3. Be careful and manage between your real life time and downloading shows, it's alot of files.

    Search cratesofjr.blogspot.com and Dirty Waters for a lot of Future Flavaz/WKCR episodes or freestyle moments


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    yo man your site is really dope i hadn't realized how well put together all the stuff on the side is and how much dope shit you put on there. good work truly
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