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Thread: Russ Prez (Protect Ya Neck) Interview

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    Default Russ Prez (Protect Ya Neck) Interview

    During Wu-Tang’s earlier days, The RZA had the Clan, Killa Beez and Wu-Elements, this production unit was a very vital part of the world domination Wu-Tang had in mind. Numerous chambers were created within the movement, John “Mook “ Gibbons was in charge of Protect Ya Neck and Wu-Tang Management and just like RZA’s Chamber the structure was pretty much the same: there were the Killa Beez such as MMO, KGB, Deadly Venoms,… as well as their own “elements” production team collectively known back then as Rocks The World which were mainly Storm, Russ Prez and Smokin Joeh.

    This crew soon proved to be a notable movement within Wu’s already great movement. Over the years Wu-International has been able to go back in time to catch up and find out more about Protect Ya Neck/ Wu-Tang Management (PYN/WTM), having interviewed the older heads such as M.M.O., Ill Knob from KGB, Deadly Venom’s J-Boo and LinQue and Iron Sheik to the new acts such as Krumb Snatcha as well as WTM’s head and CEO John Mooks. The only thing that was missing to complete this series of interviews was the backbone of this chamber, the production unit, while these gifted producers might have been behind the scenes most of the time, they were an equally if not more important part of this whole collective.

    So let’s introduce them again before diving into the interview: the “Rocks The World” producers were part of PYN/Wu-Tang management and were not just the production crew behind the hits that toured through the underground scenes in hip-hop’s golden era but also delivered the initiative, creativity and muscles behind some of your favorite artists from PYN. So while most Wu fans might think they know all that went on, plus why and how from the few interviews posted online it will never really be complete until you’ve read this… For instance there is the most talked about all-star Deadly Venoms are known to be just 4 members, but was this the intended amount? Perhaps there were about 9 - 10 of them to reflect the same amount of the actual Wu-tang Clan, so how did it get narrowed down to just the 4 we mainly know of? Who were the other members? What about MMO and KGB? This team was also responsible for music for others such as 9th Prince (Killarmy), Shyheim, Wu-Syndicate as well as some of the Generals, how did each puzzle fit?

    Enter Russel Pressley, commonly referred to as Russ Prez, one third of the production team alongside Storm and Smoken Joeh… While the fans might be aware that most of the PYN projects that came out then were the brain child of these producers, not many know what each producer was doing prior to joining PYN/WTM, and what they have been doing after leaving to date. Having a very interesting background and experience, Russ Prez was kind enough to take us back in time to educate us about his rich history, and that of PYN/WTM, what he is currently working on, his goals and aspirations and much much more, another personal dope interview Wu-International can not wait to share, Enjoy!


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    yay for them getting a check. too bad i spent $15 on that hunk of shit record that they threw together in 2 days

    "Sign Of The Times" coming soon

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    great read man! well conducted interview with interesting questions and easy to follow, nice work. cool to get to know a little more about Russ Prez, i had no clue he had singles out back in the late '80s and performed on the same bill as Scott La Rock and Ultramagnetic MCs - crazy! i mostly know him from his work with Deadly Venoms and a few other joints like the track on Killarmy's "Dirty Weaponry" but i always thought he was skilled and wanted to hear more based on that. thx for this article

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