from 11.19.11, to late for the game
pardon the longwindedness: head in braids designed by caprice the barber
now and then, caprice in my jargon, flow of my speech is lava
who on earth pawned they hearts for stardom? bunch of retardos
yeah, Iím sitting back looking at some 666ual scenarios
read that porno was some demonís name..still, my semen came
pretty strong with nautical game
carpets to bedsheets, all of Ďem stained..would admit that itís a shame
but it was in 6.69 I was slain
so, who I look at to blame? Iím past beating myself up
going crazy? pickle limp, still keeping myself up
f$ck the ladies, Iíll f%k the ladies...thatís a paradox, oximoronic
b!tches on some moron sh$t
mind yaí bizí if the shoe donít fit
how you think a man gottaí survive euro shit?
live in a closet? or die from your own shit?
Ďcause lucille know suhím you donít get? shiii,
the code language that you wonít grip
or grasp with yaí mind, instead suffer neurosis...fine... Iím cummin [the seed], you now wonder Ďbout making a dollar sign
the obamanationís on my side?
shiii, who knows...all I know is Iím the closer, not a closet nigga
lucille [israel], I been put my deposit in yaí.. to why you said you wanted to drill me, no thanks, Iím training myself
feel free to further damage yaí health
whoís esau if Iím isa
yeah jacob, yacub is who you be, bruh
I know who you is...the profit muhammad, better be scared
Ďcause Iím Allah in-the-flesh..85 centers better beware
Iím not here to elevate as you stare
I was shot down in aí elevator, so yeah,
story similar to angel heart...luci was near
giving me hints and shit of who I was
although, I knew not to even want to know who...if I was not just good with who I am
knew it was a trap to do me in
Iím not a I gave credit to the wuímen
who luci for some reason was tryingí aí do in
regardless, contact me thru the w8men
if Iím not in Ďem, hard not to say screw them
like fuck mother earth..but my mother birthed
maryís baby, rose-colored neck, father burnt
purple-black later the black set in... mistaking me now..yes, Iím a black n!99a
name of ant christ, possibly for the systemís sake
beyond my motherís knowledge
she tried suicide when I was a toddler
yeah, yeah, and so spared
she prolonged to hold on..itís a slow song
uppidy niggas had nerve enough to say that
I ainít been thru shit and donít know me from adam?
I mean, look, whatís to go through? I couldaí been in prison
for murdering a nigga who said I ainít been thru shit
why try me though? try the devil
my bad, you already mustaí tried the devil
bible-totiní ass hypocritical grandiose judges
Iíll run up in they church and cold-bust Ďem
no justice..Iím God with justice
thatís just for putting me in danger..fuck u.s..