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Thread: FINALLY !!! bought a mic and spitgaurd today !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jehovallah Daprophett View Post
    KillBot AKA TruSnow
    Mixed by Skampoe
    additional vocals by Skampoe


    imo track is dope, i can see how prodigy of mobb deep has influenced ur flow.

    written could have been more complex too,
    but imo sounds dope like a SMACK DVD FREESTYLE
    this was dope.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fredy Mech View Post
    "it aint where your from its where your at"

    %80 of the heads in aus are 100 times more hip hop than you will ever be able to achieve, you cant spray graff, you cant rock out like a b-boy, you cant scratch - AND YOUR SURE AS SHIT CANT SPIT.

    lol your obsessed with me and have some type of burning hatred towards me .. NO their not im from the east and i can spit lol i realize your mad but really stop hating... just know that just because their laughing at me doesnt mean their laughing with you ...

    Quote Originally Posted by Fredy Mech
    how you feel fuck face ? i exposed your fakeness and took your respect from the few that had it for you within 3 days ?

    it was easy, your not a b-boy cunt, real recognize real.
    LOL youve never met me in real life but im fake ... your obsession is scary .. and i assure you idc lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sosa View Post
    this was dope.
    thanks man more to come definetly.

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