^ "if i were to hear him spit them like he just woke up over mediocre beats ill find it boring music is suppose to be entertaining too you know"

Ok so again beats and flow is the problem, thanks for clearing it up, AGAIN.
Let me enlighten you, the gza has stated that he is all about lyrics. The lyrics is the key to fully appreciate the Gza for who he is and what he does. There are tons of niggas in the game who try to impress with hyped up verses, but Gza passed that stage a long time ago. Nigga feel like he don't have to and i understand why.
Ive already commented on his flow up top, but if your complaints are also about "mediocre beats," on an album produced by rza, bronze, tru master, arabian and bink than whatever for you.
Also, I'm not saying you should like his shit, I'm just defending the nigga because he gets to much criticism from niggas like you complaining about "uninteresting drums" on a fuckin Gza album for fucks sake.