I'm painting a picture with every one of my lectures,
Can no one man take away from my scripture,
It's biographical, infallible brush strokes,
Never no room for such jokes,
We painting pictures ma nigga,
We in a melting pot so y not add black to a rainbow,
Skampoe pierce ur mind wih the word that be makin ur brain grow,
My aim pro when I'm pointing *at dudes with lame flow,
Jane Dow is yo mommas alias when she fukin with skampoe,
How ever the song go,*
my darts is release with the force of a long bow,
Emcees that don't pick the stairs get forced out the window,
Depends where the wind blows,
Lord *knows
A blank canvas means alot to the artist,
Skampoe stay spittin the hardest,
My style is fat niggaz know I'm the largest, my marks be stretching the farthest,
My Goya clan be the wildest!

the strokes of the brush thicka,than the average rap nikka/
I Damage ya stats quicka,than animals rack dinna/
Im the yellow n white pitcha, to the premium crack spitta/
Thats known to react quicka when* exposed to the black liqua/
the paintor presentin visuals deeper than 3rd peripheral/
Speaker that lift the spiritual,reaper that split the physical/
The brown of my scarred flesh beat the red on my torn chest/
The gold on adorned wrests,reflect on the cold fef/
The blue in the flame scorchin,what i do to the lames/
And The gray in the concrete is introduced to ya frame/
The tanned timb rain is leavin bruises n stains/
Till the purple in ya skin is introduced to ya shame/
The fat caps to bomb the system, thin caps for knowledge wisdom/
The sharp edge of my souls blade,sprayin throats when i slit them/
All the colors i write in the burner that is my life/
portraying a sharper image through the blackness that is my gripe!!