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Thread: Wu wednesday-"five stages of consciousness" killarmy remix

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baraka Bombah View Post
    I have jdownloader now, but I can't figure out how to download from soundcloud. As a matter of fact, the way the jdownloader looks, I can't even imagine how it's possible.
    go to linkgrabber tab while you're on the site

    it should come up as souncloud, click the package, should show you the song, right click it, continue w selected links

    if it won't come up on it's own

    go to links... add links, and add the link, then do as i instructed before
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    My dick got hard to this. Thank you.
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    Got it. Thanks for the help with jdownloader.

    Made a quick and kinda short instrumental version of this beat for my own listening pleasure. I rushed it and will likely do a better one soon but I'll go ahead and share what I've got for anyone who's interested.

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    damn rev burke and monk smashed this! and the way rza flipped that beat!?!? C'mon son, STR8 RAW! 2012 and BEYOND! Betta Get Ya Chakras Up!!

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    heres the mp3 link for u internet disabled ppl

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    wow, this is absolutely brilliant. i wonder if RZA re-made 4th's beat from scratch with the new stuff over it or if he added the synthesizers and vocal sample on top of the original instrumental? either way, it really works great.. There's been some fantastic Wu Wednesdays so far

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    ^^^ This

    The touches to the beat are fantastic! That is, even MORE fantastic than the original beat... Wonder about the history of that track since Burk has said to be around Killarmy back at the end of the 90s and this is a verse that he uses on his 2001 album.


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