the city where darts are the way of life
strike your target, hit cha mark
redemption is within a darts graps
this is dartropolis, come throw with us

scroll thru chaos divided odds shark of cards, cut cha check
peck your temples by how must we bust those flows like pimples/
trip thru wormholes float thru space aced a waste case my face in carbonite
han solo you rainbow bright shine staggering drunken fiends get sunken means/
shirken pickle pens shake down pig pens dead end mend solo fences
rinse and repeat domino screams prominent means is how i scheme/
dream domino iron fist kiss of death made man methods of man
can be measured by a ten gallon ammo can/
shift shavers K-O the weapon x checking texts
my exes be nexus beyond the measure/
invert the inverse panoramic view get the rolls i reverse
with hexes nexus level headed bed deaded medics/
know the primes ironside lines, finders fees bleeding on bended knees
get off the keys turn the blocks and craft those mines with your mind/