Mac G4 800mhz duo G4 processor need a mouse,keyboard,and screen other then that it works great. Price $ 150

MPC 2000 in good condition and missing one knob from the slider which you can easily replace online. Comes with power cable, External Zip Drive and a SCSI Drive Cd Rom. Add $50 and Get an Internal Zip Drive and Couple of sets of Disks with samples. Add Price $400

Jensen Pro 220 watt mono amp for your bass box Price?$60

Kicker Box for two 12 inch Kicker speakers. This box is big and deep (No Homo) and the bass kicks ass you feel it in your chest while you blast it while you drive and everyone around you turns because they feel the sonic boom lol Price $ 150

Olympus om-1 md camera -Price $200

camera is in good condition, comes with leather case and strap, 4 lenses, 1 flash unit Lenses are Accura Aux Wideangle coated model V1-W , Ednalite MF-709 ChromF (85-C), Kaligar Aux Telephoto series VI, Kaligar Aux Wide angle series VI