Bang out minds divide lines trivial times
tripping out props topical ops dropping what I feel in like in the heat of the night
whatever lives in me is beneath the feet of those walking the streets/
eat to live, live to grab what cha need to live it
word to never having to relying on gimmicks/
stay slim and mimic the odds, shuffling the cards
never stacking the deck and chin checking reps be intercepts
by what you can perceive from initial intent/
driven needs given greeds seen in few what gives them the fuel for the fire
wired off the henny makes me a fighter like Mike Tyson/
know how I write son spit cha spite of what I do, so you continue to patronize
trying to chastise always in fanatical testing my limits like no sleep is for the weak/
never been bleak or oblique when Iíve been unique obtuse those angles
and rework the table checking my faces too offensive been instrumental/
into flows plotting out principle speak off topic consider it reciprocal
when it becomes intricate to everything you've become in your whole life time/
back from the manson era of murking dirt napping slap jacking packed outta crates
come back in wakes when breathes are taken, trying fake it til you make it
and then the cake will take and you'll awaken back before you climbed up the ladder/
phat dubs sacks pulling packs checking ducks dooming mobs by how I sob
thinking you can corroborate the conflicts you complicate
by how much it is just another debate/
free lancing pile-driving Ivan knowing how I might be then and now
probate how much the sheep takes is the wool I format to formulate/
come at me bro with no flow then you'll get eaten in ciphers
trifle by how many tops in Eiffel know my mind is a rifle penning shots/
block off knots, jonesing for another beef setting up battles
making tongues rattle by how much word nonsensical patterns you can rattle off/
mapping my moves showing how I much of circumference your screwed
get cha rules know the nudest even got them better drop in and ask them/

strapping bands, rubberbands
on the road, mixing in the mode
ripping flows whether on college campus
or your local blocks, never strapping back
its rapping back macking back, knapping sacks