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i never really saw the greatness of that Warcloud solo, i thought it was ok.. the other song he was featured on, "Woodchuck" was alot better and i liked his verse on that one.

i agree that the LP is decent, it got some great tracks, some wack ones and some pretty good ones. it's not an album i listen to even once a year though, but when i does i really enjoy the following songs - "Killa Beez" (banging!!), "Out Think Me Now", "Dancing With Wolves", "Spend Money", "Take Up Space", "Woodchuck" and "KB Ridin'" (classic joint). so that's like half the album that i'm feeling... the rest are pretty wack tbh.

my CD is a 2xCD package though, and the bonus disc features two real dope Bobby D cuts in the form of "Odyssey" and "Digi Electronics". these must be leftovers from 'Digital Bullet' but they are easily better than many songs on that imo.
same verison i got and i agree w/ claaa7