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Thread: The "official" I drink too much seman thread!

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    Quote Originally Posted by x7fifteen4 View Post
    Cheeseburgers and rainbows, I knew something special about you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Conner View Post
    All the more reason you should shut this fucker down.

    I don't do google searches for insignifgant wastes of time and space.

    Pussyholes with terrible grammatical structure and feminine sensibilities aren't worth the effot.
    This funny mutha fucka acting like he's posting for the NY times, bitch please!

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    Thanks Rob fancy pants pt. 3 for the Kenny Powers type shit, Where ever you are, I will buy you a beer!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Conner View Post
    OP is softcore.

    Y'all fags ain't built for this alcoholic shit.

    Funny how your simple minded ass never asked about dosage? To call a person a fag? Straight up, means you're an inexperienced alcoholic. You come on Wu-Corp, trying to sound seasoned, but you're really a timid ass hoe that probably drinks a six pack, and fun bag of weed. You have the audacity to speak upon me?

    What do you drink? A question that never was asked. However, "Yall fags ain't built for this alcoholic shit." As if that was enough to close this thread? HAHA! Kid, I'm laughing at you so bad, is this a rob pt. 3 thing?

    Tempo is an important subject, yet, dick headz came on saying, you pussy?

    What, where, when and why, how much,??? never a question, just a bunch of faggot ass chumps talking, "u pussy?"

    This thread was dedicated to me, I drink too fucking much!

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    you've changed man..


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    I'm trying to get to 32,500 posts by summer solstice!

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