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Thread: Most underrated wu solo joint?

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    Quote Originally Posted by buckshotstheone View Post
    The Yin and Yang was fire but yo Cap's new album is serious heat!

    oh and Lex Diamond Story....that album is PURE FIRE!

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    Immobilarity. The beats aren't great, but some of them are pretty good and also this is Raekwon at his best when it comes to writing and flowing. Grandmasters as well. I think the album is a classic it has amazing beats and GZA has mindblowing verses. I think Grandmasters is a lot more underrated than Beneath the Surface. Beneath the Surface is well known for being GZA's second best album. I have to disagree and say Grandmasters is his 2nd best album. Almost everything relates to chess on that album not just the album title, but the topics lots of time and the titles of his songs and his clever metaphors. I would also say Masta Killa's No Said Date. I don't think it's a classic, but it's a 4.5/5 album.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Subterranean Man View Post
    uncontrolled substance
    Yes, still the most slept on Wu solo album.

    Classic material.

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