Get a beast razor face
ace of the case know the place
on top of the throne off the dome
show home, you know my flow
chaotic ya know..get it... good..

back-draft after math slash cash fast freed up souls
unfold the flow when I hold the Pandora when the box is open, the unknown awakens/
sacred fated edited down lines to binary code
shown the usb drive is more powerful than the protest you conduct and begotten to errupt/
so i've seen dawn ravine shown mean in the green
fasted out flash when I mask my speed with stealth means/
shielded schemes shown provost when I un-holster flows
don't care about the teeny bopper rock solid mind iodine prime time voter
killer quoter known shaken not stirred verbally vicious spit nutritious/
know the victor when solid state drive you life down to a microprobe
see if I was looney then my tunes would behoove society in so many ways/
famed gamed off the chess pieces western eastern feasted dethrone
captivate operate know the tapes mixed on online melatonin pills prescribed by Dr. Chaos. PHD/
a new alias created fated wasted never waited out the time know the skills
built off the technique oblique unique to streets streaming worldwide/
verb hide a throne chrome magnum 45 trigger pig out fig newton
spit E=MC squared verbally it isn't fair how I bare my soul cold enough to make hell freeze over/
cold should bolder molder moderate options when i'm kicking logic
making emcees do papers on how I taught them to go to college/
polish omish when orbit into space wasted face drapped in minds
leaving more windows broken than widows hurting by the verbalization/
necroid experience see thru the vapors you put up
lost cha child when I wasn't even mild or a little bit sarcastic/
master blast it back to the 96 mix rip it raw rip n raw
killing flows open wide nose foes get jello molds/
all broken down in the puerto rican heat sun
know shit they put on are just repeats of the remixed, already done ideas
there isn't nothing to new to fear, but chill and drink a beer/