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Thread: 'Dirty White Boy': Michael K. Williams To Star As Late Wu-Tang Rapper Ol' Dirty Basta

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    Default 'Dirty White Boy': Michael K. Williams To Star As Late Wu-Tang Rapper Ol' Dirty Basta

    Didn't see this posted yet.

    According to Entertainment Weekly, "Boardwalk Empire" star Michael K. Williams is set to play fellow New Yorker Ol' Dirty Bastard in the biopic "Dirty White Boy."

    Born Russell Jones, Dirty rose to fame as a rapper and co-founder of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan. Sadly, the rapper's career was cut short in 2004, when he passed away from a drug overdose.
    "Dirty White Boy" follows Dirty during the final years of his life. The film centers around the friendship he struck up with 22-year-old VH1 production assistant Jarred Weisfeld, who went on to become the rapper's manager.

    "We both knew full well who Ol' Dirty Bastard was but this story completely floored us. As filmmakers, we knew that this would make a great film and that Jarred Weisfeld would offer an actor a complicated and compelling character to play," said producers Lars Knudsen and Jay Van Hoy ("Beginners") in a press release. "This felt to us like 'Risky Business' and '8 Mile,' with equal elements of darkness, humor, and humanity."
    Williams is already known for portraying another offbeat character: Omar, the shotgun-toting robber on "The Wire," so, he may be the perfect choice to play the late Wu-Tang member.

    "Dirty White Boy" will be directed by first-timer Joaquín Baca-Asay. There is currently no release date.
    source: http://insidemovies.ew.com/2012/03/2...movie-casting/

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    Smh @ the article comments

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    E.P.I.C. pick. Congratz. WU-TANG FOREVER
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    risky business/8 mile?! lol hyped for this, great actor too had maybe the coolest character in the wire.

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    Good choice!

    Now, if the script is properly researched and the director really puts his heart into it, it definitely has the potential to become a good movie. Well, if the producers don't fuck it up too much, because they want a quick buck or sth. Let's hope...

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    Great choice, best character in "The Wire". Far better than Tracey fuckin Morgan in that biopic that was also supposed to be coming out.

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    THis is some bullshit tho, IMO that "DIrty White Boy" Jared was a big cause of Dirty's death. He swooped in on Dirty when he was vunerable in jail, made deals with him to help his carreer get back on track. Which is cool but he didnt give Dirty the time he needed to get his mind right and get in a place emotionally and mentaly where he could rebuild his carreer. For fucks sake he had Dirty go to a press conference straight out of jail.
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    Omar/Chalky is cool, but this white boy angle is depressing. Fuck that scheister jared. The last years of his life aren't what he should be remembered for. Fuck, make a movie using the FBI files as an outline. Should be about his early life and blowing up and partying. Now every joe shmoe ignorant fuck will be exposed to the disturbing end, and Dirt Dog will be seen as a pathetic joke, when in actuality he is that motherfucker who dropped the greatest hip-hop album of all time. That Dirty doc is really good, but straight up depressing, let's get a positive movie going. Really, I hate biopics anyway, they're fake, documentaries are way better. I'm ranting now, just sick of how Dirty's image has been treated the last ten years, people now just don't realize how great he was.

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    ^What he said

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    I would prefer a Dirty Biopic, but I don't hate the white guy assistant angle. Might make for a good story.

    If they don't get into ODB's craziest moments, via flashbacks, then yeah, the movie stands a high chance of being boring.

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