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Thread: For those of you on here that have worked...

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    Default For those of you on here that have worked...

    ...or currently work at Gamestop; is it really like slavery all over again?; I always hear that

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    The only thing a friend of mine told me is that here on Puerto Rico they make one of the tops on revenues, but they get paid less than the clerks on US Gamestop stores. And that people are morons.
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    I know 3 friends who work there. One of my friends last time there just gave me all the preorder bonuses there like in 05 when the mk shaolin monks came out gave me a liu kang kung lao action figures.

    also at gamestop when i won the mvc3 tourney there i was suppose to get 2 preorders to 2 video games 5 bucks each but i ended up getting random preorders from video games i didnt preorder. they would call and tell me that i had a preorder i had to ask them what i preorderd so i went to the store and took the money.

    also you know how you get less for trading games in i traded a bunch of ps2 games in about 70 cash and 100 in store. i preorder the arkham asylum collectors edition go back there and refund it.

    dont let gamestop screw you.

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