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Thread: Raekwon black harrison no dj cdq

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    Default Raekwon black harrison no dj cdq

    Is there a version of black harrison no dj cdq if someone has a link thanks

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    i thought you had the song...damn it

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    i was looking for this recently, and all i could find was an extremely poor quality version of the song that i think also had DJ Shouts. i don't think we'll get a CDQ of this unless Rae drops it on Twitter or something like he did with that unreleased "Immobilarity" cut "Prince of Poetry" or whatever it was called.. that was crazy!

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    do you have a link to that song your sayin he put on twitter not sure i ever heard it unless its under another name also is black harrison and on the run the same track thanks

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    Dammit! Misleading thread title got me all excited!
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    what song did he give away on twitter? actually, if it wasnt good enough for immobilarity, i dont know if i want to hear it

    and how can an mp3 be cd quality?? think people, think

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