I just watched it on Youtube and it's very sad. There's some things discussed in the documentary that wasn't talked about in The Temptations movie. His son and daughters are interviewed. His ex-girlfriend is interviewed and she says he was physically abusive towards her and her son. He had some serious issues like drugs and he dealt with some ignorant black men who were drug dealers and criminals. He dealt with prostitutes and he cheated on his wife and girlfriends. He was mad that the Temptations put him out the group but he refused to see that it was his fault he got put out the group because of the ignorant stuff he was doing like being late to rehearsals and being late to concerts. He even sued Motown records because his solo career wasn't successful LOL. He lost his lawsuit.

He did reunite with The Temptations in the 80's but it didn't last long because he went back to his old ways of missing rehearsals and concerts. Dennis Edwards who replaced him said that one time him, Eddie Kendricks and David formed a group to do some concerts overseas and they got paid $5,000 up front and later on they were gonna get $50,000. Dennis said David wanted all his money LOL. So Dennis said when they got back to america, he got a call from David and David said he had a briefcase full of money walking down the street with it LOL. Dennis said he couldn't believe it and later on he got a call from a thug who hung with David and he told Dennis that David had overdosed on drugs and died. David also had went to jail for tax evasion and he lost his houses and he lived with several people. So sad.

My favorite scene in The Temptations movie is when Leon who played David Ruffin was at a crackhouse and he says to the drug dealer, front me a 50. Drug dealer says what i look like, a banker? LOL. Leon said my autograph gotta be worth at least a gram. Drug dealer said oh yeah. Who are you? LOL. Leon said i'm David Ruffin of The Temptations. Drug dealer said i deal with cash around here my man. Leon hands him two concert tickets and he said here's two tickets to tonight's concert. Drug dealer said you gonna perform? Leon said that's right. Now lay some ice on me now. Drug dealer said these tickets say the concert is Saturday. Leon said so. Drug dealer said but today is Sunday hahahahahahahahaha. Leon said it is? Drug dealer said yeah. Leon said come on man, help me out, i'm a star LOL. Drug dealer said to his buddy, show Mr Ruffin the door LOL. Leon said wait a second. Here's the keys to a brand new Lincoln out front. So Leon starts reaching in the drug dealer's pockets and the drug dealer said you better ease up and that Lincoln better be outside. So sad to see stuff like this continue to happen to celebrities and especially good singers like him and Marvin Gaye.