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Thread: Avengers vs X-Men no. 1

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    Default Avengers vs X-Men no. 1

    is there anything Bendis does that is not good? This joint goes hard, especially at the end. X-Men bout to get that ass whooped.

    How things have changed though, Wolverine is an Avenger, Magneto is an X man (WTF!?) X-Men have they own island, Logan opened a school in Jean Grey's name, Namor is an X-Men..................has it really been that long since I read an X-men book? lol
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    Didn't buy it.
    Tired of 'event' books with 6-7 tie-ins each month.
    Tired of 'stories' about superheroes fighting each other instead of villains.

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    bendis = the best thing to happen at marvel in the past 15 years.

    i havent read it yet, but i damn sure am going to.

    best idea a major comic company has had in a while.

    whos inner 9 year old hasn't wanted to see these 2 teams bang???
    sometimes cape comics should just be about some really good fights.
    not to mention all the really good writers are on this one.
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    It's funny how Marvel tried to push the Avengers as the main team but yet the X-Men have been outselling them and have better quality stories.

    Once Fraction left Uncanny (horrible run) Kieron Gillen has made the book awesome to read but Greg Land ruins it with his art.

    Uncanny X-Force by Remender is probably the best x-book to read right now even though the art in the last arc sucked. AOA Nightcrawler is a member on the team.

    Wolverine and the X-Men is a fun read with characters like Kid Gladiator, Broo, Quire, Genesis, etc. make the book interesting.

    the only tie ins for Avengers vs X-Men are..
    Uncanny X-Men
    New Avengers
    Wolverine and the X-Men
    Avengers Academy
    Secret Avengers

    I got to meet Brubaker last week during the AVX launch parties.

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    ^lol @ "the only tie-ins" being 7 $3.99 books a month on top of a bi-weekly $3.99 series...no wonder comic sales are in the toilet.

    isn't x-men legacy doing tie-ins too? I could've sworn I saw a Rogue v She-Hulk cover.

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    yeah, i think all the x books except x-factor, x-force & new mutants are all involved too.

    and i agree with pandemic 1000%, but im a marvel head so im gonna cave.
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    I'm only checking it because Black Panther's in it, otherwise I'd usually just wait till the trade hits the library

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