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Thread: CA Supreme Court rules that Managers no longer have to enforce meal breaks

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    Default CA Supreme Court rules that Managers no longer have to enforce meal breaks


    Thats right....in CA managers only have to provide you with 10/15 minute/30-60 minute breaks & lunches....NOT enforce them. Remember when you were tryna finish something at work then your boss says "Hey finish that after your lunch" yet you REALLY just wanted to be done with your task and the boss YELLS at you "Take your lunch NOW!". Well that was when it WAS mandated. It is now 100% up to the employee if they want to or do not want take their breaks/lunches and will have the option to work through them. I think this will make the morale of places different, now taking a break or a lunch makes you look like a slacker compared to other employees who work through them. Its encouraging you to stay. BUT this is also great because it gives people options of plenty of Overtime Pay if they choose NOT to go on breaks or even 1 hour lunches. This is great for people in restaurants trying to get Overtime. Say if you worked a 8HR day, anothing beyond that would be Overtime & generally managers cut you before you reach that....now considering you have the option to take it, you could just say "Ill stay & work" you could rack up those extra break/lunch meal periods into your hours & garner some extra $ I believe.

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